Well I might as well make my speech now before it's too late and I will regret it. Well over the past 12 years, I wanted to do more and help folk, not just trade cards and inventory items as well exchange some DoD 1.3 weapons salvaged from Snipers and MG42. But also other things like keeping servers regulated against sneaky hack attacks. Of course since I was a freelancer but not like Freelance Police like Sam & Max. Haha!

So "what have you learned as becoming a admin, RoboCop?" you may ask? Well its is literally a long story but it started back when I was regularly playing on Jolt TFC and [YIS] FA 3.0 Clan around 2001-2008. I was comfortable playing in their servers as they work hard on keeping their servers well regulated - which was key to me on how to become a admin. "But what's this gotta do with [APG]?" you may say? Well [APG] was formed by [YIS] as a BF2 clan founded by Warlock/DigItJim near August 2005. When I realised [YIS] had a "sister" clan; alias [APG] clan. I wasn't keen on EA games at first until I started to try out BF2142 - which was support since 2007. The thing is with those clans that they were vigilant on cheats and had to use more than just PB and VAC for their servers. I've also learned some key factors and how to detect cheats when I was looking up in Steambans.com. Steambans was used to power our [YIS] and [APG] servers to block notorious hackers who have been caught and are banned globally by Steambans. When I joined Steambans for helping sponsorship, I learned a lot from them and gave me tutorials and instructions on how to detect hacks. It appears that mostly Wall Hacking can NOT be detected by VAC, which put the pressure on our servers. Therefore I had to act now and be sure our servers don't get targeted. Of course in the internet, you cannot completely block hacks or hijacking as that is impossible. I also made a "How to detect hacks" tutorial here below:-


Also back near November 2004 I lost my original Steam account when I was hijacked in a dodgy CSS server. I believe I couldn't reclaim my account back the way it was, as it was VAC banned... I lost a lot of confidence on playing random servers as I know not to join unknown servers that doesn't seem promising. So when I found out on [YIS] and [APG] needing help and admins to keep their servers alive. I didn't had much to lose as I had already lost my original Steam account and only bought HL1 Collection and HL2. Those clans seemed alright, even though they struggled to keep up with the servers, as some players disobeyed the rules too often and got out of hand.

After [YIS] died and Warlock let me hand in the keys to [APG] it was up to me to try boost the community as well show how it is done. It wasn't easy and I was anxious to take that responsibility. I had to take some tricky challenges, like finding more sponsorships and learning on Linux Dedicated Server management, as well going back into coding when I was AdminMod coder using Small scripting as well trying to learn C++ for our broken Metamod addons. It was like a huge sacrifice I had to make for all my quality time as well going to University as I was doing a Life Science undergrad. I has graduated and decided not to end my education years just yet. As I wanted to learn more on C++ and my college gave me free License for VS2010 Pro and Adobe DreamWeaver.

And so for today I'm hoping to find more new players, admins and loyalty as well hope my 10 years of being [APG] Admin. Followed by becoming [APG] Head Gaming Admin since 2010. It was a real tough challenge to learn those tasks but today I am still continuing to investigate more on how to improve our community. None of this would of been possible without myself, my colleagues and of course YOU! Thank you all for your huge 10 years of support and I hope to do another 10 years more of hard working admin.

Party time!