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21st July 2013, 10:39 PM

This is a guide for players from all corners of the globe. And I understand some of you were angry and disappointed when you buy game consoles but from the wrong region. In this video I will show you the PAL port/sockets on this 35-inch HDTV Plasma.

Besides, it be better to avoid sending negative feedback on ebay when your requirements doesn't match when buying online.

Remember: check your TV ports, know which Region you are in and be aware of the game Regional Lockouts.

Because not all TVs have ports like SCART, S-Video or D-Terminal etc.

And don't chuck your old chunky CRT TV just yet because if you have PlayStation LightGun games like Time Crisis, then your Namco .45 Light Pistol will NOT work on LCD or Plasma Screen TVs.

Most poor countries only have old TVs with the ordinary Aerial cables with 2 or 3 W/Y/R composite sockets. And some smaller 15-inch old CRT SDTVs don't have the composite ports and only have TV Aerial Plug and a fixed AC power adaption.

Also remember not only your consoles will have different I/O audio/video ports but also different AC power plugs when you immigrate to various countries.

Here in UK we use this sort of power adapters shown below, and of course most people would realise that but some haven't put the Regional Lockouts in consideration for when they immigrate.



Now it is possible to use a special plug adapter like you use for shavers but remember: NEVER play or experiment your devices mainly on strong electricity, sockets as well repairing broken TVs and Power Base units.

13th September 2014, 03:12 AM
Very useful. Actually sometimes I feel very disappointed with the game consoles and do not know what to do with it. I will bookmark this as a document so that I can find it easily when needed.