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25th July 2015, 04:23 AM
Hello fellow battlefield players..

I am here to bring some GREAT news,, As you all may already know, Blue Entertainment is now in operation of reviving 2142..
There is server testing in progress at the moment that is up on a time frame operation until everyone agrees we can go public with the revive..

Below is the info quoted from Sirport

Our fixed exe here :- http://www.mediafire.com/download/vhobpb1ic0psi04/BF2142.exe

I have taken out the fog and increased view distance,no need to dumb down 2142 nowadays :)
Not needed for the testing.
Find them here :- https://www.mediafire.com/folder/k6xj76pmll060/sTG_Maps
May yet use these maps as default server maps???????

I will most likely reset the db and stats after testing ( I like clean slates :) ) but that's not a definite,so use any email you wish when creating account.
once gone mainline then maybe you will need to use legit email to get messages etc

once in the server swap to PAC,can only get bots mismatched this way,won't do 30%EU
join a squad or make a squad,shoot,stab infinitum

Rename your original and replace with this.
Default 2142 maps but with fog taken out and view distance altered.
Maps are much better looking and you can see the entire map.

Make a new account,accept terms

Fill in details correctly,so you can get info etc
Don't worry about Choosing Country being weird,I can change that later.
Leave zip/code blank.
Untick 'save password',it doesn't work.
untick the ea stuff

Make a new soldier,tweak your settings,play :D

Bots are stacked 70/30 so swap to PAC!!
Pass for servers - sTG
TS3 server on ww.stg2142.com,default port,(pass as above)

If the server does not show up in game then use our IP.


Everything is in the works to remove bugs, so you can report all bugs to the http://stg2142.com site for the time being untill everything is moved to the http://bl2142.co page..

hope you guys enjoy and remember, the players make the decisions so please give any and all feedback, positive and or negative..

Thank you all and hope to see you all on the field..


All thanks goes to Tema567 and Sirport for servers and login revive.. Good works fellas
http://battlelog.co http://bl2142.co