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7th September 2014, 09:50 AM
I have compiled some hints and tips for FA. This may help you to discover new ways for playing FA until the sequel arrives.

Here’s the secret about the commandmenu GUI menu:

If you notice when you press the commandmenu key, you see a GUI menu appears. There is a way to edit any captions you want to alter. You need to open txt file in C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\half-life\firearms\commandmenu.txt however you need to create a backup BEFORE you change any of the text options.

When you see Caption 2 you notice NAME and AFK with are one you can alter but ignore the CUSTOMIZE and CHANGE TEAMS and so on. When you use the commandmenu key and press Player/NAME your current name changes to “Freshmeat”. And AFK changes to “Freshmeat|AFK” but it can be changed by changing NAME by changing for example: [name Freshmeat] replaced by [name Private_Trooper] (no spaces for [name Freshmeat] and name [Freshmeat|AFK]). As for AFK, well you can rename [AFK] to [CLAN TAG] and replace [name Freshmeat|AFK] by [name [SWAT]Private_Trooper] which is very useful for placing your tags without making a mistake with the spelling.

The Caption 5 is the team chat menu text for intel report on the situation for example: pressing the commandmenu [5 DURANDAL/ 'Help At Our Crates'] will apply command "say_team I need backup at OUR CRATES" But there is a way to alter the commands by replacing the texts by something more useful, and by also adding another team report (maximum of 9 team reports) eg: [5 IWOJIMA/'Flank Left' = "6" ''Flank Left'" “say_team Go to the LEFT TUNNEL and flank them!”] You can also create another new map intel report for maps that haven’t been featured in the commandmenu file by copying, pasting and editing the texts (as long the map name matches well with the current map).

This is for using quick bind keys that haven’t been featured in the Option Keys:

You may notice that the call medic, apply adrenaline and some other keys options that may be missing aren’t here. But I’ve found a way to use quick bind call medic by typing in console: bind m "voice medic" this can be useful instead of using voice menu with can take time and mess with your aim. When you playing as Medic II skill, it might be useful to use [bind ALT "useskill adrenaline"] which will refill your stamina but only once. Those binds can also be found in the commandmenu.txt also by noticing the command texts eg “voice coverme” and “useskill adrenaline”. Using [bind k "voice coverme"] will be useful for those Marine bots – if you are close to it to follow you if the waypoints aren’t available. And if you see a Medic bot, just use [bind m "voice medic"] if you need healed and if the medic has enough 1st aid.

Extra Hint:- You can also add a [ADMIN] caption for using admin_csay for enforcing or broadcast circular messages that may be important for FAers to notify any mistakes or any incorrect moves they made and so. Simply open commandmenu.txt and add at the bottom of the text:

"8" "ADMIN"


"1" "'Welcome To Collective'" "admin_csay green Welcome to The Collective FireArms server, please have fun."
"2" "'Freshmeat Change Name'" "admin_csay green Freshmeat, please change your name."
"3" "'Please Visit Site'" "admin_csay yellow Please visit our site at URL_LINK."
"4" "'FF On'" "admin_csay red Friendly Fire is ON so WATCH YOUR FIRE!"


11th December 2014, 11:38 AM
Hi guys,I follow the instruction and play the FA game;)Thanks for your valuable time to post in this forum.I will come shortly.Please keep touch with us.Thanks oncce again:D