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31st August 2016, 05:17 PM

I've a 32 slot GameServers TFC server and have had them install amxmodx and FoxBot v.77.

I have enough experience with this to get myself into trouble so I'm asking for a little help.
After a week of config files and many hours of Googling I just can't seem to get the bots to
stay on the red team. I want to create a Bot vs Meatbag server.

Any help, pointers and clues would be greatly appreciated.



31st August 2016, 06:10 PM
Well I've never tried making Bots Vs Humans before but I think that using "bot_bot_balance 1" in foxbot.cfg. I am not 100% sure but I think thats how like " Bot Busters Revolution TFC |Humans vs Bots|" uses however it uses FoxBot 0.701 for some reason.

But if you put those scripts in foxbot.cfg without any team balancers it should join as red:-

addbot 2
addbot 2
addbot 2 (and so on)

You will may also find that in foxbot.cfg under "# addbot <team> <class> <name> <skill>"

I've just recompiled and fixed FoxBot 0.78 and uploaded in this very site. We have not much testers or many C++ coders as our aim is to maybe fix those long term Metamod bugs as well optimise them. Please check and see if bot_bot_balance command works as I've never used that variable before.

If it does, maybe upgrade to FoxBot 0.78 if you feel adventurous...

31st August 2016, 06:24 PM

Thanks for the very quick reply. Very familiar with BotBusters. Were actually trying to recreate our server with GameServers as our current hosting company has quit supporting us. I've copied over config files but just can't get it to go Bots over there Us over here. Again appreciate the tip. I may come back for more. I'm almost at the point of pressing the "Reload Server" button and try configuring by hand rather than copying config files across.

Oh and were also switching from Windows servers to Linux not that it should matter much when it comes to config files.


I'll be back


31st August 2016, 06:28 PM
No problem if you have any more TFC problems, I will be in this site for anymore assistance nearly 24/7!

31st August 2016, 06:47 PM
Hi, RoboCop showed me this thread. Bots have their own will and will switch eventually by themselves no matter how you configure them. I've written a plugin specifically for this task, though I guess it's still not 100% reliable. Feel free to try it though!


Post #12 in that thread details the difference between the two versions of the plugin.

The plugin works a bit differently than BotBusters. BB have a constant number of 16 bots, while my plugin tries to keep a certain ratio bots : humans (by number of players). There are a couple of bots though even if the server is empty (basically acting as if 1 human was playing).

For the operation of the plugin it's probably best to disable FoxBot's own balancing, so

bot_bot_balance 0
bot_team_balance 0

I think there's a minor bug, it doesn't add bots before there is any activity. So someone has to join (bots will be added now), and then leave (bots will be kept), for bots to be there when the server is empty.

31st August 2016, 07:12 PM

Thanks for the information! As I told RoboCop I'm inclined to start afresh rather than try to figure out what was done many many many beers ago on another server.

I'll let you all know.