View Full Version : [Amiga] Salvaged your Floppy data into ADF file but broken?

3rd January 2017, 08:09 PM
If you had salvaged and preserved your Amiga Floppy data into an .adf file, well here are some important tips.

Sometimes when you backed up your data and converted it into an .adf, you may realise its been altered like saved data - like it wasn't Write Protected or some corrupt data that causes the Amiga to crash with the "Guru Meditation" screen. Well even if you try to clean your Floppy Head with the recommended Floppy Drive Head Cleaner or used a gentle Dust Blower, sometimes the results of having the disk working doesn't work. It really depends on time and some environmental factors that will deteriorate or cause irreversible damages to your data disk...

But don't throw that Amiga data disk and .adf file (from the best result of salvaging the data disk, that is) away just yet, because it can be still used to merge some adf files that have almost the identical data, but may include some Cracked Trainer data.

The reason why I made this guide to try assist TOSEC to find the missing ROMs or unlisted ROM database, but they cannot update the database without YOU! So read carefully...

Before I explain one important note: if you are planning to merge the adf broken file into a working adf file, DON'T do it just yet because your original adf copy may come in handy and it's recommended to back that file up.

Once you have properly backed up your original .adf files safely on Google Drive or even DropBox to be doubly sure its safely stored, you should be ready to experiment with the adfs to try fix it by merging some data files that could be done - as long you pick and select the correct options.

To do this, try out ADF Workshop and learn how to use this useful tool.


And if you want to submit your .adfs to TOSEC, well firstly, don't go to the TOSEC website go to eab.abime.net to submit them.


Did you check and verify those .adfs match up with TOSEC using RomCenter?

If so, go to this link: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=64668

Don't share or submit WorkBench adfs in public as those are against the rules. Be sure to read the EAB Forum Rules and FAQs. I won't be held responsible for those who fail to read our warnings…

And if you want to know more on salvaging ADFs or Floppy Data that are worth sentimental value and want to know some hidden secrets and tips, please take a look at our tutorials below: