View Full Version : My first day of ARK: Survival Evolved

2nd March 2018, 12:21 PM
I bought ARK: Survival Evolved from a Steam sale a few years ago. The game's trailer impressed me enough to make me buy it, and I can't say that I regret my decision, but this is a story about my first day playing the game.

I started a new save on the original Island-map. I woke up on a sandy beach, with no idea how to play the game. I look up the controls and start playing. Infront of me, I see an Oviraptor. As I have been a huge fan of dinosaurs and history in the past, I know that they shouldn't be aggressive, and totally ignore it. I started collecting wood. After a while, I had made some progress and built myself a house out of thatch. It wasn't pretty, but it'd help me survive the cold night. I light my campfire and wait for the day, in the dark.

The sun raised, and I started exploring the beach I was living on, only to realize that a Parasaur was stuck in a tree near my house. I decided to knock it out and tame it. I had read that Azulberries were great taming food for the Parasaurs, and put some of them into the dinosaur's inventory. Night came, and I built a campfire next to the dinosaur. After a while, the sun raised and I started looking for more firewood in the meantime. Not so long after that, a Carnosaur jumped off a cliff and ate my Parasaur. As I was unequipped for the situation at the time, I started running to my house and locked the door. Luckily, the Carno didn't follow me and remained eating my Parasaur. My pet might be dead, but at least I'm still alive.

I waited the following night in my house, and at sunrise, I started exploring the other side of the beach. The biggest mistake I ever made. I located a Tyrannosaurus Rex not too far from my home and started running like hell. I went to my house, locked the door, and stayed still. The dinosaur followed me all the way to my house, and I was forced to watch how the dinosaur, 50 times larger than me, ate my house and then had me as a dessert. After this, I quit the game and didn't launch it until several months after.

That was my first day of ARK: Survival Evolved.