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28th April 2013, 02:46 PM
Jump Scripts

Place these in the autoexec.cfg or Steam's userconfig.cfg or an individual class config file. You may change the bind lines to include your own key choices, for best results manually write the bind line to your config.cfg.

This script is less an exploit than others, it simply inputs a few +jump commands in an instant. It helps in timing a jump at the moment you touch the ground, vital for maintaining speed.
//consecutive +jump script, mimics wheelmouse jumping
bind x "+bhop"
alias +bhop "+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump;wait;-jump;wait;+jump"
alias -bhop "-jump"

Simple duck and jump combo.
//Duck Jump
bind x "+djump"
alias +djump "+jump; wait;+duck"
alias -djump "-duck;-jump"

Rocket Jumping - 3 kinds

For best results put these in your soldier.cfg file. That way bind the keys when you change to soldier - this means you can use these same keys in other classes for different action. For example in engineer.cfg you can re-bind one of the rocket jump keys to use as a build gun key.

//rocketjump ver.1 - arc jump
//put in soldier.cfg
bind c "+rktdkjmp"
alias ld "cl_pitchspeed 9999;+lookdown;wait"
alias unld "-lookdown;cl_pitchup 1;+lookup;wait;-lookup;cl_pitchup 89;wait;cl_pitchspeed 225"
alias +rktdkjmp "ld;+jump;+attack;wait;-attack;-jump;unld;+duck"
alias -rktdkjmp "-duck"

//rocketjump ver.2 - straight up
//put in soldier.cfg
bind v "+HighRocketJump"
alias +HighRocketJump "cl_pitchspeed 10000; cl_pitchdown 75; +lookdown; wait; +jump; +attack;+duck; wait; -attack; -jump; -lookdown; cl_pitchspeed 225; cl_pitchdown 89; force_centerview"
alias -HighRocketJump "-duck"

//rocketjump ver.3 - skip jump
//put in soldier.cfg
bind z "+skip"
alias dwn "cl_pitchspeed 9999;cl_pitchdown 138;+lookdown;wait"
alias +skip "dwn;+r;+jump; +attack; +duck; wait; -lookdown;force_centerview;-attack;wait;-jump"
alias -skip "-duck;-r;cl_pitchspeed 225;cl_pitchdown 89"


This version has the team communication lines added, many players have asked for it.

//STEAM Engy Script - http://www.foom.net (http://www.foom.net/)
//dispenser script
alias +dispenser "detdispenser; build 1; say_team Building Dispenser"
alias -dispenser "build 3"
bind c "+dispenser"

//sentry script
alias +sentry "detsentry; build 2; say_team Building SENTRY"
alias -sentry "build 3"
bind z "+sentry"
bind v "rotatesentry"

//teleporter script
alias +tele_ent "detentryteleporter; build 4; say_team Building ENTRANCE"
alias -tele_ent "build 3"
alias +tele_exit "detexitteleporter; build 5; say_team Building EXIT"
alias -tele_exit "build 3"
bind , "+tele_ent"
bind . "+tele_exit"

Reload Scripts, several methods

Reload script #1.

//Reloads from respawning
//put in autoexec.cfg.
//constant reload animation
alias "rreload" "+reload;bind r rrespawn"
alias "rrespawn" "-reload; -attack; -right; wait; +right; -right; wait; wait; wait; rreload"
bind "r" "rreload"

Reload script #2.

//Attack and reload
//constant reload animation
bind mouse1 "+attkreld"
alias +attkreld "+attack;wait;-reload;wait"
alias -attkreld "-attack;wait;+reload;wait"

Reload script #3 - this one won't have the endless animation. I recommend that you only use the reload on two movement axis - or else the reload command may interfere with shot timing.

//New reloader
//put in autoexec.cfg - pick your own keys
bind w "+f"
bind s "+b"
bind a "+l"
bind d "+r"
alias +f "+forward; +reload"
alias -f "-forward; +reload;wait; -reload"
alias +b "+back; +reload"
alias -b "-back; +reload;wait; -reload"
alias +l "+moveleft; +reload"
alias -l "-moveleft; +reload;wait; -reload"
alias +r "+moveright; +reload"
alias -r "-moveright; +reload;wait; -reload"

Fast Weapon Switch for HL1 Mods

bind "MWHEELDOWN" "invnext; +attack; wait; wait; -attack"
bind "MWHEELUP" "invprev; +attack; wait; wait; -attack"

http://web.archive.org/web/20120716031040/http://www.foom.net/fortressfiles (http://www.foom.net/fortressfiles/)