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9th July 2013, 10:01 PM
As a retro gamer and for posting on vintage game tips, I feel that most pre-2001 made game deserve a second chance and to game consoles that had a longer lifecycle then its average duration. Atari 2600 and Game Boys, for example – they made the cheap and affordable games. For Pokémon, however they made the game so complex and made it as open-ended game with epilogue missions, like capturing Mewtwo from Pokémon Red but some players didn’t actually realise the SRAM battery ticking in their campaign saves that acts like a time bomb that will wipe their data when the battery expires. For trying to transfer Pokémon from generation to generation, unfortunately doesn’t work well as it should be like when you want to move your Entei Pokémon from Silver to Ruby.

You may also find Time Capsule Pokémon centres that will allow you from transfer from Generation I to II. Those features however had some drawbacks; as Pokémon Silver and Gold introduced a lot of new technique moves in contrast to Red/Blue/Yellow. Unfortunately, Nintendo didn’t produce a Time Capsule for Ruby/Sapphire as the Time Capsule had some Dittotransfer glitches, which would contaminate and corrupt the saves.

So at this moment in 2013, Nintendo had produced a lot of Nintendo DSs’ and Wiis’ that makes the consoles less rare for many years to come. But for the N64, Game Boy Advanced and GameCube however appears to not have the forwards compatibility to those 7th Generation Consoles.

So to save any regrets, why not try using a Game Boy Advance and a GameCube – if you not have one, because you may find it useful later on. Also if you want to play your old Game Boy games on a big screen TV, you can. All you need is a GameCube, with the attached Game Boy Player and Mini-DVD ROM disk of GBP.


In this picture are the GC and the GBP found underneath and the inside of the Pokémon Blue game. The yellow circle indicates the SRAM Battery – which is the sensitive part of the game cartridge. Unfortunately, Nintendo didn’t have the adequate FLASH Memory chip for this game until around 2001.

You may also find GameCube games such as Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon Channel. Those games, mainly Colosseum allow you to transfer Pokémon and allow you to capture the Johto Legendary Pokémon like Entei, Suicune and many more. But more importantly, allows you to transfer Pokémon into Ruby/Sapphire and LeafGreen/FireRed.


If you need to look into more hints and tips, take a quick look into my other guides and enjoy yourself!

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Kevin S. Bader
19th October 2016, 09:48 AM
I played through the first three generations of Pokemon thoroughly (as thoroughly as I possibly could have given I started when I was about 9-10). When Diamond released I played it but didn't get as immersed in it as I did Yellow, Crystal/Gold, or Ruby. I'm satisfied with what I got out of playing Diamond, although I didn't end up doing as much as I potentially could have. My interest in the game tapered off after Diamond.