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[APG] All Platform Gaming Rules

For all users browsing and posting this [APG] Bulletin Board, please do read our forum directives to help you avoid any mistakes or any actions that will affect your reputation in this community. [APG] posts must be written in English to avoid any misunderstandings when typing in a foreign language. However we have a Multilingual Boards for non-English speakers shown below the main forums.

Main [APG] Forum Golden Rules:-
(1) Try to stay on the topic most matters.
(2) Refrain from posting anything political or religious to prevent unwanted drama and disagreements.
(3) Try to be civil and show respect to other users, especially admins and moderators any disrespectful comments will be on record and may affect your reputation.
(4) Try to create your posts in the appropriate assigned boards.
(5) If you have any private queries you want to post please PM an admin or moderator.
(6) All users must be 13 or over to view our posts as most discussion is designed for mature audience
(7) No posting anything potentially discriminating or stereotyping and making drama in public (including racism, sexism, ageism, or disability).
(8) No provoking, nor trying to upset users, especially moderators and admins.
(9) No hacking in our forums and servers.
(10) No advertising inappropriate commercial sites or rival clan URLs/Server IPs as well as gaming hacking material.
(11) No posting any offensive graphic/screenshots or any porn in our public forums.
(12) Try not to double post too often as it will over flood the topics.
(13) Try also to read our Game Server's MOTD and enjoy yourself as well avoiding any trouble.
(14) [APG] does not tolerate with user's ruthless and ignorant excuses.
(15) And remember we won't help you if you don't help us on anything you want us to take action.


Rules for Moderators and Admins:-
(1) Be sure to move any irrelevant topics to it's correct place and leave the shadows for clients to relocate the topic if needed.
(2) Always check the context for any inappropriate information against our rules.
(3) Don't lock or delete any posts until you are absolutely sure it is legitimate to do so, or consult with the admins if you are uncertain.
(4) Don't edit or change the text on someone's post for any unprofessional reason or they will lose permission to moderate.
(5) If you find a topic important and think its should be noticed, do feel free to sticky it but always look carefully if stickys pile up the board.
(6) When the clan application assessments are completed after votes are concluded, be sure to move and lock the topics and maybe inform our candidate about their recruitment progression.

Thank you for reading and how to keep yourself safe!

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