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  1. Dingoo A330 retro gaming console 
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    If you’ve got a craving for some good, old-fashioned retro gaming but don’t want to get your dusty NES down from the loft, then the £84.99 Dingoo A330 could be the system for you. It’s a tiny handheld console which excels in emulating vintage platforms. Is this pocket-sized gaming museum worth dropping over eighty quid on, or should you spend your cash elsewhere? Let’s find out.
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    I recently stumbled across the Dingoo, which is a Chinese handheld that has the looks of a GameBoy Micro. It can emulate GBA, NES, Neo Geo, SNES, CPS1, CPS2, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis[2] by default and a whole lot of emulators through the homebrew community

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