Hello, still got your old BF2 and BF2142 CDs plus any BF games, before 2008 that you haven't played yet but are tempted to play classic BF games once more? Well now Origin is now here this will affect the EA Activation integral logins to Master Servers now Origin is linked to EA Accounts.

Now the way to do is tricky but not quite promising - depending if you can reclaim or remember your old EA Account details, email and passwords you used to log in BF. When you log in Origin and try to redeem your old BF CD Serial Numbers, you may get a error or cannot validate your game. That is mainly because your game was listed to Origin database, but for EA Activation DB.

Another way to activate and link your game into Origin is to simply go to this below:-


What you do is type in the same CD Serial Number; as you tried on Origin side, but only this time input your Origin login email and password. You will be asked if you remember your Ingame Name or EA Master Server Login Details, if you managed to input your Serial Number in correctly. Because it is important to remember that Master Server login details, if you want to reclaim your ranks and skill points, as well as your vital unlocks.

Plus if you also bought BF2 and Bad Company 2 from Steam you can simply go to Steam Game Library and - if installed - right click on BF2 Steam shortcut and click on [View CD Key].

You may noticed that I've organised those EA Games under "EA Games" table, that can be done by using [Set Category] and adding and checking that game as "EA Games" to make your library neat!

And last but not least, the PunkBuster clients, personally I hate PB cos of the restrictive kicks and that BF2 doesn't automatically update PB when detected that it is outdated. But the best way to do this is to use PBSetup found below this link:


This is also supported for BFBC2, and BF3 and so on. But most importantly do try to contact and inform your BF veteran friends and assist them on their game and keeping things organised.