When you are using SSD as your main Hard Drive, it is important to realise the important factors that will reduce it's lifespan. First thing is to NEVER and EVER defrag your SSD as those PC Utilities and Repair options are no longer needed, but can reduce the SSD's longevity.

In this guide you will learn the important key steps that will allow you to avoid feeling unsettled, whether your precious data will get lost, despite trying to backup files manually or automatically onto a USB Pen or Memory Card; even using the Cloud Storage. However this guide will not show you how to use RAM Disk. RAM Disk is used to put temporary Windows files and Cache files that are only used for the short term, but can deplete the SSD's write/erase cycles - ruining the drive. You can also download free RAM Disk's software applications, they may prove to be useful. And use it to assign your Temporary Files into the RAM Disk file directory. But I would personally recommend it on using RAM Disk on a 64-Bit PC with more than 16GB RAM - just enough to reserve around 4GB - as that is basically what you require to store your temporary files and avoid the SSD using up the Write/Erase cycles.