If you are having network issues, then it's possible your Steam network options aren't automatically set to it's appropriate level. Remember, when it comes to doing your admin duties or clan matches, it's important to check your net rate AND your ISP broadband quality.

The clients rate should = the servers sv_maxrate

The clients cl_updaterate should = the servers sv_maxupdaterate which equals the servers tickrate

Thus a server with sv_maxrate 20000 tickrate 100 sv_maupdaterate 100 the clients though run the following settings:-

rate 20000
cl_updaterate 100
cl_cmdrate 100
cl_interpolate 1
cl_interp 0.1
cl_smooth 0

These settings will provide the best client experience so long as your server & network can cope with running with a high tickrate and the rates required to take advantage of them.

NB: If your server settings are different to the example just mentioned, your client settings will have to change accordingly. This is just an example, do not think that these rates are optimum for all server settings, they are not, and your optimum client settings will need to change accordingly.

My advice is NOT to have a higher cl_updaterate over 60 as it will create more ping, if you are a high ping users at over 150 m/s ping.

You should also got to Steam Main Settings and adjust your Net Speed options shown below. If you aren't sure to know your exact Download Speed then please use http://www.speedtest.net to investigate your speed.