Did you already know that laptop's tend to have shorter lifespan than Desktop PC? Well it is not surprising as Laptop's have a lightweight and thin chassis, makes Laptop's, Tablets and Smartphones more fragile. There are a few ways to extend your laptop's lifespan and this is how do resolve it.

(1) Transport and handle your laptop with care - involving using protective accessories, laptop carrier satchels, cleaning kit and avoiding using your laptop in high temperatures, as the heat can impact on your laptop's components.

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(2) Use cleaning kits - like USB powered mini-vacuum cleaners that can obliterate dust that can physically clog and bung up your system. You may also dismantle your Laptop to administer a thorough clean of your system.

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(3) Don't overcharge your laptop nor excessively charge your laptop even when battery is full - the overcharge and excessive charging a full battery can rapidly deteriorate the battery, and if you feel any heat from your laptop, switch your charger off and put it on stand-by immediately to avoid any possible battery leaks or chipset damages.

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(4) Keep your system and drivers up-to-date - old drivers, ancient Windows Update content and out of date Anti-Virus Softwares can damage your laptop's and surfing the laptop on wireless are more liable to net threats than wired Desktop PCs in the internet.

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(5) Finally use special utilities that can optimise and unclog your system files. You can use registry repair softwares, junk file cleaner and a anti-spyware/anti-malware application that can flush out those unwanted files and malicious programs that can clog your machine and bootup. Using CCleaner and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware are the recommended programs to use to fix your data system.

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