Hello and welcome to our new home for [YIS] Veterans and family! We hope you enjoy it in here and like it, because we got your favourite FA 3.0 maps, models and servers. [APG] kinda hosted this Sub-Forum and provided some other Downloads and Flash Arcade games for you to try out!

Also we may not have a complete archive of all the videos and screenshots ingame from [YIS], so if you do have any of those or even some of your FA 3.0 inventions like models or maps, please let us know. Also I like to thank Alucard, Panzur and of course DecoStop/Warlock for this hard work on keeping [YIS] alive as well provide us with some cool archives.

We got a few web archives provided below:-

[YIS] Main Portal Site

[YIS] DoD Site (RIP M0rph!n3)

[YIS] FA Classic Site


Thanks for reading and enjoy your stay!