We like to remind all users that [APG] is a non-profitable gaming community and will appreciate any donations to assigned users. Any anonymous or ghost donations will also be necessary if users are not comfortable having their donations broadcasted. However if you are happy to post your donation confirmation in this topic below and are already a member or recruit, then we would provide you HIGHER class admins and will have their admins immune from being demoted when inactive for over 3 months. But we may ask you for your ID, Facebook, Twitter as well PayPal receipts to have legal proof that you will be qualified to have admin to our servers.

For donations sent directly to our game servers, please click on the
Contribution Actions in the Nav Bar or Donate to [APG] located in the Site-Navigation Column under the [Activity] button to your left. and follow the instructions.

Remember: you MUST be at least 18 or over as we fear giving admin to under 18 instantly would cause second thoughts or unwanted banters, that may fail to adjust themselves using the admin commands provided - without the proper life experience and wisdom. Always try to examine your generous offer twice until it is legitimate to do so. [APG] does not want to blow things out of proportion when having second thoughts on donations to our servers.

Also for security safety reasons: don't use your credit card on a old non-
reputable browser like IE 8 or via Pocket PC or PDA without the critical security software. We recommend to use PayPal and use AVG Free Edition, Avast or Better!

Donators can optionally receive: Access to our reserved slots, VIP Bulletin Board and [APG] Discord VIP Channel.

>> £30 or over Single Donation Check out will grant users as 3rd Class admin

>> Subscribing as [APG] Standard Paid Membership will grant users as 2nd Class Admin

>> And Subscribing as [APG] Premium Paid Membership will grant users 1st Class Admin