I just post a link to the Quakenet site with all the help you can get.
More about irc; http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/irctutorial.html
Here it is: http://www.quakenet.org


First you need to install any irc client, no matter if it's mIRC or BorgIrc.. http://www.mirc.com/get.html Also has a step by step guide. I advise you to read that when you're new to irc! Important thing is, when you're going to use it for gaming, that you connect to a Quakenet server. How and where to do that, is in the guide, so just make sure it's Quakenet you want to connect to, instead of any other server mentioned. 'Random Quakenet server' is a very good option.

When you're connected, you can join a channel you know, for example #APG-BattleFortress. Therefore you type; /join #APG-BattleFortress and press 'enter'. You should be in the channel and see others, or, in case you want to create your own, you will be there alone. You can create a channel by just using the join command for the name of the channel you want.

In the channels you have ppl with a '@' in front of their names, meaning they are channel Operators ('Ops'). More on that on those sites.

Getting your rights automatically when you have everything working, you need to 'Auth' (authorize) yourself. That should be done in a channel that has Q (a bot / caretaker). Authing is not a must, but handy to set your channel right automatically. Otherwise other channel ops have to do it. Now Q will do it when you join.

You need to inform Q of your presence first, before getting auth:(http://quakenet.org/faq/faq.php?c=1&f=51#51)
" Before you can use our services (Q) you will need an account, here's how to get one:
Saying 'Hello' to Q. This will create a Q account with the name of the nick you are using at the moment. You do this by using the following command: /MSG Q HELLO user@host.com user@host.com"

More about the Auth commands:


In short:
1) use the 'Hello' command
2) read your email you provided
3) follow those steps mentioned in the email
4) if that's successful, use the 'Auth' command

As I said, it's the best to read the tutorials, because it's a bit complicated. Read the Quakenet site completely as well, before posting questions please.

You can dl mIRC at: http://apg-clan.org/vbdownloads.php?do=download&downloadid=143

Also this lecture is also important to perform a autoauth when you connect to QuakeNet channel. Simply go to Server, Options and click on [Perform] caption, check on "Enable perform on connect". Make sure your drop-down menu has QuakeNet select then simply type in the text box "/auth YOURQACCOUNT PASSWORD" and hey presto! For GameSurge networks, select in drop-down and select GameSurge and type "/authserv auth YOURGSACCOUNT PASSWORD"

We do welcome you to join our IRC channel so do chat to us at #APG-BattleFortress

The webIRC is provided in here: [APG] Webchat