Well I really hope this year will be better but I won't get my hopes up. Recently that my forum software company vBulletin will no longer update this site unless it's using version 5. This site will be fine for 2018, however it won't support for PHP 7.2, maybe not in the future. I've spent almost 17 years building this site single-handedly as well use this site to help my family. But I had to use it for other purposes, as this site was supposed to be for my grandfather's income; by promoting his business online, as token of my graditude and compassion. Sadly his health ended his life tragically and so did his business. Today this site is mainly for gaming entertainment as well preserving rare and important Multiplayer files. Besides it seems that latest gameservers aren't as good as we hoped for. The crisp sleek GFX is amazing but the gameplay and netcode doesn't appear to have less latency. It's bad enough that Activision, EA as well as RockStar games are going downhill...

Besides gaming, it is bad enough that some folk who are currently disadvantaged, in poverty or even living with homicidal domestic violent partners etc. Folk shouldn't live with a troubled trumatised childhood or even unemployed. Apparently I know a few friends of mine aren't having a happy life in the real world and suffering in despair and depression. And when you feel so down and upset...you may do something crazy and inexcusable that you may regret it - even if it was unintentional.

But at least I've tried doing what is best for most of my friends when I became head admin of APG. Our players seem grateful on my generous good deeds as well as keeping them sane and safe as I don't tolerate with ruthless hack attacks and reprobates.

Anyway I really hope you will have a good year this 2018, and understand as well respect my loyalty and compassion.