BattleField 2142 - ModManager "In Game Admin"

The default commands available are via in game chat ( not the client console ):
Kick a player: !kick <player> "<reason>"
Ban a player: !ban <player> <period> "<reason>"
Switch a player to the other team: !switch <player>
Warn a player: !warn <player> <message>
Change the map: !map <map>
Restart the map: !restart
Run the next map in the rotation: !next
List the players: !list
Please note that there are to be used in chat, rather than in your console.

To enable IGA simply:
Add the "ModManager In Game Admin" addon to your BF2142 profile
Save your profile
Edit modmanger.con under Profiles -> Config to add your admins
Restart your server

Admins are added using the following format:
mm_iga.addAdmin "<profileid|cdkeyhash|playername>:<privilege1>,<pr ivilege2>,...<privilegeX>"
mm_iga.addAdmin "78936694:all"

The current valid privileges are the first letter of each of the commands e.g.
m = map, k = kick etc plus the special privilege "all" which allows the admin access to all IGA commands

Locating your Profile ID
Load up the game, and join a server.

Bring down the console and type rcon profileid

You will then be given your profileid.