Well [APG] has nearly made it through its milestone at 10 years! Of course it won't of happened without Warlock's (now DigItJim) faithful and loyal efforts! Saddly as he no longer has full control of [APG] since he had to look after his wife and daughter, well personal life is more important than gaming. Since Warlock given me the keys to [APG], I decided to continue on his legacy and aim for the same achievement and path as well expand on the clan and host more gameservers. I've been admin or member since July 2007, plus it was a great pleasure on contributing as well keeping the clan well regulated.

When I first took this privilege along with Moose who also took part as Head Gaming Admin for [APG] in August 2010, we had to face some huge challenges and investments on keeping the site hosted as well provide servers that suit the player's conveniences. Since Bad Company 2 came in 2010, it was a disadvantage on EA Ranked service charges on expensive Ranked BC2 servers as well on EA lame support and on Punkbuster. As you already know we are not mind readers, but that is why we provide those forums for suggestions, feedback, constructive criticism and key ideas on how to attract visitors.

Me and Moose had to be persistent when we had to practice and await in BF2142 for allowing the Ranking Match to begin when 6 or more players joined - that occured 7 years ago. Unfortunately, Punkbuster made it awkward as updating the BF2142 PB files had to be done manually, so bad our guest had no idea on how to update their PB; judging on the BF2142 Chat log on some of our guest being kicked by PB.

For now, this is the sort of same method for BF4 only now we are making sure our players don't feel like they are having bad luck or problems fragging and scoring. We cannot allow any major improvements or bend the rules for EA servers for our players conveniences, nor have the smart program coding skills to devise or create regulatory plugins for CS or TF2, that you don't find in AlliedMods. Hopefully that is why we are still recruiting for more new members who are valuable asset to [APG] - hence we use those competition to boost the hype. The Competition idea came when me and Warlock worked for [YIS] clan many years ago like encouraging players to put admission for funding the [YIS] servers as well boost the hype and pick a lucky winner. If my memory doesn't deceive me, I believed [YIS] had prizes to give away like BF2, bullet shaped pens and CoD2...? :-D

Well now that [APG] turns 10 years old, we hope we will continue on as well help entertain our players. However it is important not to take any satisfaction on gaming trolls who try touch a nerve with some childish bickering. BUT...if a possible exploited, extreme vulgar and cheat occurs in our [APG] servers, then DON'T let them get away with it, as we operate on a Zero Tolerance policy on blatant cheats as well on extreme discrimination that will alienate our servers. And we make sure that doesn't happen!

And I like to thank the [YIS] Veterans for taking part and the former [APG] members who are reading this. Thank you all! Don't forget about us and our latest [APG] recruits. And thanks for playing!


All Platform Gaming - Franchise Owner