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  1. Post X-Beyond The Frontier - Starter Tips + (Save Game Startup Booster!) 
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    Now I've mastered this game since 1999 when it came out that year. It was really tricky at the start, so I suggest you follow my instructions carefully. If you can understand those instructions, check out the video link below. But I personally would use the Money Cheat to give myself around 100,000 credits - enough to upgrade the ship freight space, as well buy a couple of 5MW Shields, 2 Alpha PAC guns and a single engine tuning and rudder optimisation. Trust me you will need it. When you start by jumping into sector Seizewell, I suggest you DON'T go into the Jump Gates UNTIL you paid the Teladi Destroyer 3500 Credits, in case you get lost.

    Now when you play this game, you will need to spot ships with a purple flame and target them then pressing [C] key to expose their enemy colour. When you hire a TL ship for building a factory DON'T buy the Solar Power Plant as that factory fails to allow transporters to replenish the crystals to keep the factory going in the loop. TL ships are found in the radar with a short "0" like shape in the radar but are mainly found in sectors that have a shipyard.

    And if you get stuck, consult this guide again and press [Shift + H] for more help.

    1) To skip the basic train press the [Shift + X] key
    2) To skip the Teladi M2 Ship dialogues, keep pressing [Enter] key
    3) Locate and dock at the Ship Equipment Dock and sell your 1MW Shield
    4) Buy the Singularity Engine Time Accelerator or SETA upgrade.
    (Optional) You may the Tactical Navigation System if you get stuck.
    5) Dock at the Power Plant and buy Energy Cells but check the Stock Bar in Info menu. Because the important thing to master the game is profit.
    6) Once you made enough profit, dock in the Trading Station and upgrade your Freight Bay and buy the Tactical Navigation System.
    (Note DON'T use the Boost when you have no shields, and the best products to trade is Energy cells, Sunrise Flowers or Nostrop Oil)

    1) Look out for ships with a purple colour flame, and use comm to identify as enemy Pirates then shoot them down.
    2) Gain reputation at the Paranid zone by shooting Pirate or Xenon ships in order to dock the Paranid stations.
    3) Buy the Docking Computer from Paranid Prime Sector in Space Equipment Dock. Because docking manually is unsettling and time consuming.
    4) And most importantly DON'T go into Xenon Enemy Sectors until you got your Engine optimized and equipped with at least a couple of 25MW Shields, 2 Particle Accelerator Cannons. Avoid the Xenon M2 ships AT ALL COSTS!

    If you get so lost or don't want to waste too much time economising in Teladi system, then use this save game and add the X0.SAV inside [C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\x beyond the frontier]. This will give you 10MW Shields and Dual Beta IRE Guns. Once you have loaded this save you should be ready to go and pay the Teladi M2 Destroyer - who will guide you on your mission. Plus if you manage to get to Kingdom's End you can replace your Beta IRE Guns for the Alpha Particle Accelerator Cannons, which are powerful enough to destroy those 25MW Shielded Pirate Ships and Xenon M3 ships. And believe me you will need to destroy the enemy when inside the Paranid and Split Sectors in order to gain reputation for you to grant access to dock in any of their space stations. You will need to go to Paranid Prime and buy the Docking Computer and the Hornet Missile to make your mission less awkward. Trust me on that, you will need those, eventually after meeting up with the Goners.

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