Well now that the digital revolution age and that Steam made its success on selling digital media games online since 2003, as well allowing CD-Key's being redeemed on Steam, Origin and more on the Online Market. I think we should think more on digital copies of Movies, MP3s and E-books? Cos if you think about it: does your closet or book cupboard contain any unwanted media like old VHS's, Vinyls and DVD's that are beyond scratched? Is it time for us to move on buying digital media as well forgetting buying DVD-ROMs and Blu-Ray disks for the sake of home room storage? And does your ISP give you enough Port Speed that makes you boast your Speedtest.net results and ratings?

But most importantly trust a Digital Media network that is guaranteed to keep your purchased media library safe and stored for its lifetime linked to your account. Because it is possible that PC Criminals can hijack online accounts and Steam as well as other Digital Media networks fought tough on keeping online accounts secure at all costs.

It's time for you to vote which of those non-gaming Digital Media network you think is the best!

P.S: I know I've not included like Steam, Origin, Uplay and GOG Galaxy, but to face the facts, EA Origin sucks bad and Uplay is a bit lame as it only focuses on UbiSoft games. And of course Steam appears to compete well against Origin, even though some Pre-2001 games like X-Wing, TIE Fighter as well as some DOS games lack compatibility support - as GOG appears to allow unique compatibility support for modern PCs. As well try to sell games in various ports by cross-compiling games into Mac OS X, Linux from its Source Code released under GPLv2.