Hello all,

We at revive and stg are asking our fellow soldiers if they would like to make an intro/video to promote the revive of our favorite FPS, BF2142..
We welcome anyone that would like to participate in the making of this video, credits will be provided to all participants..

Our idea is making a BF2142 intro style video to promote sTGRevive and all players alike.. This video will be to provide a sneak peak of the game play style, connection possibilities, How to get the game and play, and credits..

Positions Needed :

Camera #1 available
Camera #2 available
Camera #3 available
EU Soldiers - unlimited available
PAC Soldiers - unlimited available
Spokesperson - filled/unavailable

If you know a position that would be good for this production, let me know, im always up for a bigger team.

I am personally asking all interested players to post any ideas or comments that would help..

Hope to see you all soon.
Thank You!