Now just to conclude and summarise this video: HLDS (Half-Life 1 based servers) have less struggle and less chokes when hosting a 20 slot CS 1.6 server near 100 tickrate and at cl_cmdrate/cl_updaterate/rate value of 100/100/30000. But any HLDS servers hosted higher than 20 slots can impact the performance and maybe best hosted at 66 tickrate and cl_cmdrate/cl_updaterate/rate value of 66/66/20000. HLDS servers can cope with the performance better than Source games cos of their 16-bit sprites and simple water textures, as well as their simple props like grenades and ammo entities.

For Source games however it is locked for DoD:S, CS:S and TF2 at a tickrate at 66, because of the limit of the bandwitdh and process for the server to send net data. Because L4D1/2 is locked at 33 tickrate and uses a lot of props and NPC Zombie bots, that it bottlenecks the net data process with the excessive bandwitdh. There is a reason why GMod have those server.cfg sandbox limits to avoid spawning too much props, NPCs and entities that can cause the server to crash. Therefore having Gmod 13 hosted to the limit with maximum net rate is strongly not recommended.

Also using high tickrates on modern gameservers is not wise on maps with too much physics, water movement and props as that can consume the server's CPU and RAM. Therefore it is best to host BF4 32+ slot servers near 120 tickrate, for maps that aren't like in a "Island" or have too many Fuel Barrels or Breakable Crates.

But this video for CS:GO and BF4 based at those new tickrates at bursting point - that is pushing the game to the limit may give you surprising results. CSGO at 128 tickrate appears to smoothed the response when fragging as much as playing on BF4 60 tickrate servers; as far I can tell from our servers... This is maybe because of Valve and DICE programmers had a breakthrough of optimising and recoding the engine, as they are recompiled for newer PCs and Servers to use less consumption for data to be processed - as well use less latency.

However I understand you members, and other players who are poor that have a craptop or ancient PC cursed with old aged CPUs and low RAM will get worse results. So it a good reason why I host those low-end gameservers for our players to have the entertainment.

I hope this helps and understand.