This guide is to instruct the reader on how to copy their save game data from one GTA III game to another game on a different phone. I was not able to copy over my game via Titanium Backup, so I sought alternative means. A restored game may not run on a Titanium Backup restore because the game was installed with drivers meant for the original device. This is pretty easy to do. You may need root.

What you will need:

-Astro File Manager (or a similar file manager)

-2 Android phones compatible with GTA III (I used a Galaxy Nexus and Infuse both running CM9 ICS)

-A Dropbox or google drive account, and the client installed on your phone

Step 1:

1. Go ahead and install GTA III on your other phone you are wanting to transfer data TO from the Android Market. It should not charge you twice. Download and install all of the files it asks for.

2. While you are doing that, go ahead and open Astro on your phone you are wanting to copy GTA III data FROM and navigate "Android > data > com.rockstar.gta3 > files". Here you should see a GTA3sf#.b file, where # is a number. You may see two (these are for each save slot).

3. Start a new game. Make sure it playsa and runs. It should start you from the beginning. Quit.

4. Upload each .b file to your Dropbox account, or zip them and upload them to dropbox. You may try to email them to yourself. I was not able to view the files in the file transfer client on my GNex and my mac via USB, so that is why I recommend doing it this way.

5. Go back to your device you are transferring the files TO. Open up your Dropbox Android application. Tap and hold on a '.b' file, and choose save to SD card and navigate to "Android > data > com.rockstar.gta3 > files" and export it to this directory for each .b file.

6. Exit to the home screen, then execute GTA III. Choose the resume option, and your game should be back where it was with the same amount of money, weapons, and missions completed on your new Android phone.

7. Thank me if this helped!


If you are trying to restore Max Payne data, the data is located in root/Android/data/com.rockstar.maxpayne/files/MaxPayne/savegames/. Copy all of these files in this folder to the new Max Payne install on your new phone. Follow all the steps previously mentioned.