Well...if you have little pocket money, in poverty as well prefer more on casual MMORPG's = Guild Wars 2
But if you prefer more adventure and some hardcore fantasy battles = WoW

Here are some examples and comparisons to help you:-

More hardcore/dedicated players
More traditional quests. (Better imo)
Tank/Dps/Healer Trinity
Noticeable progression as leveling. You can start soloing dungeons.
Tab targeting system makes the game move at a slower pace.
Talent system requires hard choices to be made. The three specializations for each class creates more diversity.
Graphics show the game's age.
More places to explore.
More end-game content.
The best gear in the game provides great stats.
More PvP modes.
Balance problems exist, but the T/D/H trinity helps to mitigate it.
Monthly subscription

More casual, though hardcore players do exist
Personal story quests, dynamic events around the maps (imo dynamic events are awesome, questing around the map is meh)
No roles in PvE. All classes go full dps, dodge when needed.
Progression is scaled back in lower areas. Soloing dungeons relies on skill.
Combat is fast and fluid, requires plenty of practice to master.
Skill customization is minimal. Only 1-2 viable builds PvE, 1-2 for PvP, etc. for each class.
Some of the best graphics around.
End-game is pretty much PvP or WvW. Raids are cool, but few in number.
Most of the grind for end-game gear is for Aesthetics.
You are flooded with more loot than you can hope to carry, end up selling/salvaging 98% of it.
Balance problems between the classes,both PvE and PvP, very slowly/ineffectually addressed.