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  1. Post Compressing maps for FastDL SRCDS/Half-Life 2 based servers 
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    Well are you tired of individually compressing .bsp maps that you need to improve the FastDL speed for your servers like CSGO, TF2 and DoDS? Well here is the solution, use bzip2 and a tools.

    Please note: that compressing .bsp maps for HLDS SteamPipe servers won't work anymore.

    First of all download this file that I collected from site but modified it with the latest bzip.exe version 1.0.6.

    Second, put all the bsp files into the /compress folder, but be sure those maps are build for a specific gamemod and not mix it up with various SRCDS maps.

    Finally double-click on bzip.bat Batch File and let it run on CMD to see the compression progress.

    Hey presto it should work now where the .bsp files are now as bsp.bz2 file extensions.

    And its just the case of adding those maps into your FastDL server using FTP/SSH.

    So not also you managed to compressed your maps into FastDL for faster speeds, but also saved a lot of storage for your FastDL server, too.

    Try it!
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