Well for a simple answer, not quite. Why is that? Well it depends on a few factors:-

>> Planned Obsolescence
>> New manufacturer parent and subsidiaries
>> Years of experience
>> Design flaws

Over the past few decades a lot of toy manufacturers had changed as well had merged with their new parent company like Hasbro as well as Mattel. Even toy cars makers like Hot Wheels and Matchbox are currently owned by Mattel, but their cars are compatible to like Hot Wheels’ Criss Cross Crash, and Matchbox’s Car Wash set.

Lego is considered to be the best Toy Maker ever known as their creation had inspired a lot of children and adults to make their creative minds go wild. Lego not also exist as simple toy bricks, but also for electronic fun like Technic, robots like Mindstorms as well made movies and games made from Lego bricks.

But has planned obsolescence gotten worst that it can break a child’s heart to see their favourite toys broken permanently or worse… Has newer toys been designed to fail more over time? Well it depends on the evidence. Like Mr Frosty original design seem to be less awkward then their newer design with their tray and new yellow scarf. But I suspect they made their crank and their grater more fragile. If you want to understand what I mean you can check out this video here:-

For me from what I’ve experienced I miss some of Tomy’s revolutionary toys like their Atomic Pinball, Tomy Trains, Big Loader as well as Lights Alive. I mean those toys I had when I was young was so fun and amazing before the 21st century. But why aren’t they still on the market nor improved for today? Well who knows…? It is like their new CEO or leader are focused on other creations that aren’t as fun as their current toys on the market. I even searched inside Tomy.com and only had the power plug for Astro Pinball which is the Hi-Tier version of Atomic Pinball. I mean look at this 1979 Atomic Pinball battery powered toy, do you find it disappointing that they don’t allow enhanced SFX, digital displays or even better have a Wireless connection to store your Hi-Scores?

Personally I think toy manufacturers are being too inconsiderate as well as ignorant not to follow their customer reviews and realise their design flaws. But I think they are keen to gain more profit and do not care on children who want to keep their toys for the long term. Of course children do grow up and mostly move on from toys to getting a school exam A-Grade and getting a career. Also lets not forget from Disney’s Toy Story on how they have shown how to treat and take care of their toys, and how they move on into their adulthood. But of course it is sad to see Charles Lazarus (Toys “R” Us founder), his own company go bankrupt and Don Rickles (Mr Potato Head) to go.

Good things MUSTN’T come to an end like this...well that’s what I think. Why do I say that, you may ask? Well not also that most toys have Made in China, Made in Japan and Taiwan, but those notorious smog cities and plastic producing plants create excessive air pollution that had possibly contaminated China - not to forget the Red River Yangtze in 2012 and how the Yangtze Dolphins appear to extinct. So do you think its worth those toys to be recycled or melted down too soon for those recycling plant chimneys to cough out more acid rain causing and greenhouse gases? No!

Apart from the Online Markets dominating Retail Toy Stores, we should be vigilant as well cautious on what we buy for our kids and that. It would be cruel to give them a fragile or design flawed toy as that kid is listed in the Naughty List from Santa’s list – checked twice, and not as anywhere near nice. And lets not forget novelty gifts; I’ve had some novelty gifts that failed to work. Tobar’s Magic Growing Tree did work when I had it when I was a kid but I was upset that those crystal easily fallen off after a strong tap made them collapsed. Even their 4-Leaf clover seed failed as well. So best thing is to read the toys and novelty gifts’ reviews and avoid buying them from a non reputable retail source. And don’t let those 5-Star reviews fool you too often, cos this ISN’T my recommended novelty gift:-


So as you can see, not ALL toys have improved and I won't get my hopes up that they will. Thanks for reading!