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  1. Are remake and reboot games better than their originals? 
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    Now just to avoid confusion, what I mean is remake games like Super Mario 64 to Super Mario 64 DS, Resident Evil HD Remake, Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver as well as reboot games like GTA and Tomb Raider that had the similar gameplay, but significantly rewritten the story line and with a brand new redesigned generations. Whereas games like Max Payne 1 followed by 2 and 3 are more considered as direct sequels – including Mafia franchise. For Board Games, I won’t mention much in too much detail but there are some PC games based on Board Games I will mention this as well and how well the game developers had put the amount of effort for computer board games. After all the whole idea for the computer board games compared to the traditional board games counterparts, should have the ability to do something exciting – that you don’t get in an actual board game. But I will cover this later on, and the first thing I will explain is Video Game Remakes…

    Now most of you who are reading this, I assume most you play Resident Evil as well know its originals back near the 1990s for the PlayStation 1. Well Resident Evil 1 had been remade – twice – in case you hadn’t realised just now. RE1 was originally made for the PS1 in 1996, then remade in 2002 exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube and eventually got the HD Remake version available for other platforms: such as the PS3 or newer, X360 or newer and the PCs. Capcom had put an excessive amount of effort for RE1 as well got rid of the annoying eye straining low resolution at around 320x240 to a higher resolution and texture enhancements. I’ve played both the GameCube and PC HD versions of RE1 and I am very impressed on how well Capcom had worked for making this classic game a real legendary horror game. They had made their key items more easily spotted to reduce to much effort for players to search and locate useful hints or items, and the best part for RE1 HD Remake is the achievements as well storing your Game Data into a Capcom account. Now I don’t know if their Xbox or PlayStation versions have like a GameSave Cloud Storage, but I do know that Steam allows Steam Cloud to keep the Game Saves secure to keep the RE1 player’s efforts intact. After all I did complete RE1 at 100% completion and had to encounter some extremely hard challenges… Also I’ve even recorded my hardest challenge on playing RE1 WITHOUT SAVING, which is found below here:-

    Moving onto other remakes is Mario games, some of you may of remembered like Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES where they had remade Super Mario Bros 1, 2 and 3, as well included Super Mario Lost Levels. Well not also that, they had developed Game Boy Advance games like Super Mario Advance series which are based on the remakes of Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3, Yoshi’s Island and not forgetting the iconic Super Mario World. Those Super Mario Advance series had some cool additions, like the voices for Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach. But that wasn’t all because they also added like a Level Select Status for Super Mario Bros 2 and Super Mario World. For Super Mario Bros 1, that game was only remade for the Game Boy Color and included support for the Game Boy Printer as well some exciting new features, but only works at a tiny resolution at 160x144 pixels. And the best Mario remake I’ve found today is Super Mario 64 DS, and here is why. Super Mario 64 original only have Mario as a playable character, whereas Super Mario 64 DS includes 3 more playable characters like Luigi, Wario and Yoshi. Super Mario 64 DS also includes some quite fun mini-games and can allow DS users to play 2 player – even with or without their second Super Mario 64 DS game in their other DS, as you can play as Download Play mode and use their own Super Mario 64 DS game as a Local Host. If you want to see the comparison of the graphical improvement of Super Mario 64 DS, you can observe below here:-

    It’s not just HD Remakes that you get as well, there are also Stereoscopic 3D or VR remakes like Sega 3D Classics for the 3DS as well, including RayMan 2 3DS remake as RayMan 3D. And lets not forget the 3D remake of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. But hang on...not ALL Remakes are good I am afraid to say. Because there are a couple of Remakes that aren’t as good. First is Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered. The new HD GFX and enhanced particles and sprites is very good, especially for Single Player mode. But the major downside is the netcode and input lag, which makes the Multiplayer mode very appalling and ruins the Online Gameplay. Bare in mind that latest Action FPS games as well as newer Online Games require for the netcode to be programmed to cope with the high Download and Upload Data stream to relay the Packet Data to ensure the server and client get the smooth gameplay and less lag, but those sort of network coding and game development is NOT that easy. So it is possible that those remakes and having the game recoded and “enhanced” can produce some nasty side effects, so you maybe best to check the reviews from IGN or in Steam Store, before you buy those remakes. Also Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) is also considered to be either the worst remake/reboot because of the glitches and bugs that annoy players and make this game not appealing. BioShock Remastered happens to be a frustrating remake due to their persistent crashes, that can corrupt their save data.

    Now then game reboots, some of you who played some classic original games had wished for that game to have like: “aw man I wished they had a better happy ending” or “shame that Vice City doesn’t have AK47, even though there are mods to change the Kruger as a AK47.” But sadly not all game reboots are good – as I mentioned for game remakes, so you have to wait and decide legitimately on which game remake or reboot you want to buy and save money on avoiding games that have too many negative reviews. But for like DOOM (2016) appears to be a great reboot of the original DOOM game back when it was released for the DOS in 1993. iD Software had pushed their games to the limit on allowing as much GFX power to make their games more realistic and ultra sleek. DOOM (2016) was praised on its new Ultra HD graphics and outstanding gameplay. Unlike that original that had a 2D weapon sprites and 2D enemy models, as well no vertical gun aiming, this new reboot of DOOM deserves the medal! There are other good reboot games like Tomb Raider (2013) as that game was also praised for awesome weapons, cutscenes, HD GFX as well Lara’s acrobatic abilities. The original Tomb Raider back in the 1990s developed by Core Design had limited weapons and not many of Lara’s awesome stunts and some challenging adventures, as well had a primitive level design. For the sake of this topic I won’t be explaining the differences of the storyline and epilogues as I don’t want this to contain too many spoilers.

    Also not all game reboots are good, as some fans and gamers were disappointed or overhyped as they had expected some of the features or key storylines that should have been included in some games. But also some reboots have nasty glitches or had been left for no sensible reason. EA’s SimCity (2013) for example, got an unfair gameplay and requires the Internet to play the game. The controls and building houses and that are so awkward that EA had made this reboot the worst for the SimCity franchise. Hudson Soft’s iconic game Bomberman had made a not so enjoyable reboot, called Bomberman: Act Zero. Unlike the original 16-Bit 2D predecessors, this 3D reboot is very not much like the original I am afraid to say. What is not like it’s old version is the replacement of the Bomberman model and its weaponry which is kinda like the clone of Samus Aran and using Energy Bombs instead of those cartoon like bombs. So this reboot isn’t exactly like the Bomberman we played from the good old days is it?

    So in this gaming market world, there are some remakes and reboot games that are enjoyable, but there are some other remakes and reboot games that are frustrating or not as good as their originals. Also this applies to board games as well as various generations for like Monopoly, Uno, Scrabble or even Chess. I’ve been comparing not also the actual various generations of board games, but also the PC versions as well. Some of you prefer the older generations or special editions for a good reason or some of you prefer like the Star Wars version of Monopoly or even Junior Scrabble, as well as Trivial Pursuit 1980s Edition. In this topic I will discuss on Chess and how the PC or other platform had attempted to make Chess more interesting than the traditional version. Say for example you wanted Chess to behave like Harry Potter’s Wizard’s Chess – where the piece “captures” its opponent piece by attacking and taking over its square it was formerly at. Well there is a “Wizard’s Chess” like that called Battle Chess. The original Battle Chess was released for the Amiga in 1988 by Interplay Productions. But also there was a HD remake of Battle Chess for PC Steam – better known as Battle Chess: Game of Kings. This remake is not so good, despite its Steam Achievement and Online Play, as it contains some bugs which unfortunately...WON’T be fixed by the it is very unlikely that remake will be repaired. You can also buy the original Battle Chess game from Steam right here:-

    Now Monopoly appears to be the most popular board game ever made. So much popular that they had made so many variations and themes for this board game. Also since I live in Britain, we usually get the British version of Monopoly devised by Waddingtons since the 1930s; as it includes famous addresses and Train Stations from London, UK. In fact this applies the same as I own Monopoly 3 (2002) UK Version made by Artech Studios, whereas there’s a US version that exists. Not only Monopoly 3 UK version allows to play on the UK Classical board but you can also choose which currency from British Pounds (£) or even Euros (€) as well selecting a few other European boards with their original currency before the EU adopted those countries to use the Euros! Sadly those newer PC or other Gaming Platform version of the latest Monopoly like Monopoly Plus by Ubisoft, don’t have the top notch Multiplayer support but still have the cool graphics and nice features. Also the whole idea for Computer Board Games is not to make them more exciting than boring Traditional Board Games, but to add something like some key DLCs, like Star Wars Theme, or even Monopoly Deluxe with extra player tokens in gold and more new Chance and Community Chess cards. There is also Tabletop Simulator that includes some Steam Workshops of board games that works great when using the HTC Vive VR Headset. To find out more on your favourite Board Games played on this PC game and maybe use the VR Headset, you can check it out right below here:-

    So there you have it! Which is your favourite game remake or reboot, and which of those games were you most disappointed or pleased with? Well why don’t post your comments here?

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    Very relative issue. It happens that the remake is higher by function and beauty, but the atmosphere does not convey like the original. All that is remade is a new product, even the sensations are not the same. The original (old) can be like conservatism, something like a foolish habit of thinking that the old is better. Let and all people have silly habits, but some of them are hard to eradicate. For example, "cigarettes". I started smoking cigarettes because of the opinions of others and it was difficult to quit after a year. But then, thanks to the support of relatives and sites like stop addiction I realized how harmful this habit is. So dear friends, get rid of stupid habits (including conservatism).

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