Well I've not heard back from Moose on repairing on our main TF2 Achievements server, but I thought it maybe best to do something new and different for a change. Of course we want our players to enjoy in our servers as well get some of [APG]'s generous gifts from our Gift Events. But as I said recently, we cannot help or show you some loyalty and host more Gift Events without your sensible suggestions and server bugs or crash reports. Besides most of us Senior Admins are trying to earn to keep those websites and servers alive. Sadly my PC had its SSD died and I had to transfer most of my data into my backup 3'5 inch HDD. And I'm kinda busy learning C++ and some other stuff at home.

So anyway I thought that I need your opinions by voting with GameServer we should host our Xmas Event on Xmas Eve near 6PM (GMT). Please vote before the 23rd of December as poll will close at that date.

Note: You DON'T need to log in or sign in this domain site to post. Just use our reCAPTCHA Human Filter to allow access to post. But votes also don't require Human Verification. Vote now!