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  1. Hello APG from -[LOD]=-OldN@der 
    -[LOD]=-OldN@der Anonymous
    Hello APG!

    I am -[LOD]=-OldN@der, one of the Sr Admins for CS 1.6. We are over a decade old and I am 66 yrs old. HaHa, not all our members are that old, we have a few younger ones but most are in the 30-40 range. We have CS 1.6 and GO servers. As Sr Admin for the 1.6 Server, my intention is to keep 1.6 alive. We have a family environment with strict rules for probanity etc. and a unique mod called the 20/10 rule. When u hit 20 with less than 10 kills, NO rifles. It allows for all to enjoy regardless of skill levels. While we would love to have you visit our server, that isn't the purpose of this pot. We used to scrim a lot, but have gotten away from it. We have decided to start again. If you are interested in scrimming or just coming for an official "Visit" where we can not really scrim, but sorta. Please contact me directly through your forums, email me at or post your interest at

    The -=[LOD']=- Lords of Destruction 32 man Custom Map server: and the password protected =[LOD]=- Scrim Server: is:

    Private is setup with Evo and Cevo maps and configs. If you want past league setups let me know and I'll find them, i.e. CAL or OGL. @OldN@der and @Junkman access to the server and HLTV for it have been added to your NFO panels. The address for it is:

    Our server usually is populated from 5 or 6pm est till ??? 1, 2 or 3am.

    I will see if I can come with several -=[LOD]=-ers and visit your server.

    I look forward to meeting yall more.


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    Hello thank you for posting. Yes well we are trying so hard to keep our HL1 servers alive, and we had made some useful breakthroughs on fixing some broken Metamod addons as well as a few bots and upgraded AdminMod. However we are short on CS members for [APG] and we are working hard to recruit some useful newcomers.
    [APG] Clan Leader -

    Pretty good post. Hope this site stays active, at least long enough for me to do everything.

    great post.

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