Well this year the effects of the General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR act will implement on the 25th of May. What that means is the improvement and making privacy really matter online. For the sake of [APG] as well as keeping our member’s and your private data secure, we had added support for SSL/HTTPS for providing secure log in and reduce security breaches. I’ve added a 2-factor auth for [APG] vBulletin site as well installed some essential security web software to prevent any brutal forces against PC criminals.

Now it will be a lie for me to say that [APG] is protected against all cheats and hacks, because that isn’t exactly true. You CANNOT really put ALL cheats and hacks to a complete halt online as that is theoretically impossible. We can only MINIMISE any illegal threats or hacks in our [APG] servers and not use VAC alone. Be sure to keep your OS, browser and your security software up to date.

Also I strongly recommend you may steer clear of using Skype, Windows 10 and maybe Hotmail/Outlook. Why is that? Well Windows 10 appears to be used as a “service” and gives PC users less control of switching off some unwanted features, like Cortana Assistance and having to force relaying some personal data to Microsoft. It also appears that Skype and maybe Outlook will relay the data to Microsoft as well – not to forget how disconcerting that really is. My opinion is to maybe forget using Bill Gates’s inventions and try Gmail, as well keeping your private info and photos safe in DropBox or even in a ChromeBook. If you want to sign up to our forums more securely, don’t use your personal email address but maybe use a “public” email address for those websites that you can subscribe or avoiding your personal email exposed to getting targeted by spam mails.

The support for Windows 7 will end in 2020 and will no longer be safe to surf online, so you will have to avoid using Windows 10 for anything discrete. If you want to move on from Windows, try Linux Mint or Ubuntu. Your privacy matters not just to yourself but to [APG] as well as we want to keep your personal data secure as much as possible!