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Goodbye, Geoffrey...Thanks for selling me your cool toys of Pokemon, Pog, Chupa Chups, Hot Wheels, Power Rangers, Game Boy, Lego Mindstorms and much more. We wish you and your family didn't had to go and close down forever...

We shall not forget our legendary founder who made Toys''R''Us exist as well hired Geoffrey to work for this Toy Store. It really upsets me to see that Toys''R''Us is under administration and liquidation as well die in the UK area. Also I like to say thanks to Lazarus and his family for establishing the Toys''R''Us" store in the Dundee Kingsway West Retail Park - where the old Great Mills DIY was. I will never forget when I bought my first PC Fujitsu Windows 95 in 1997. Thanks for selling your awesome Pokemon collection, Meccano/Erector and Lego for me to play when I was young. It won't be same without you in Britain and it really upsets me to see Lazarus gone forever...

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Toys "R" Us 1948-2018 (c) founded and credited by Charles Lazarus who made this store and Geoffrey exist.

Tribute also paid to Charles Lazarus who also passed away recently. (4th of October, 1923 - 22nd of March, 2018)

Artwork done by Mark Smith