In [APG] we want you and your online accounts as secure as possible. Apart from Intel's security flaw with Spectre and Meltdown, there is the most scary and intriguing SpyWare that can be found in both Softwares and Hardwares - I am talking about KeyLoggers. What it does it can actively as well store keystrokes when you are using your PC Keyboard either online or offline. The is a notorious hardware that used to be on market until now due to the regulations against the GDPR act, is the KeyGrabber Input Dongle!

It's a device that can plug into your Keyboard port that looks like a adapter port that can store your keystrokes in a memory or worse activately relay your keystrokes using a sneaky WiFi access! Shocking...!

So how do we avoid those disasters? Well it maybe best to check your back of your PC to spot any suspicious dongles, when you are working and dealing with sensitive data. And use the best Anti-Malware softwares that can detect active malious softwares, botnets or foreign hardware that could be linked to being hacked.

I don't know about sticking to PS/2 Keyboards, as you don't need a driver update for PS/2 keyboards as you can get USB Driver imposters that can take "Ctrl" of your USB Keyboard. But you best of not downloading any non reputable website sources. But if your keyboard isn't responding when surfing online, then it could be linked to your keystrokes being relayed to PC Criminals like Botmasters as well as Online Money Thieves that can record what you type for using your Credit Card details...

To find out more on those sort of spywares, please check this video here:-