Now normally this site or community isn’t the place for doctors and hospitals. But as computers have advanced with some intriguing features and interactions, that most AAA games and mobile games are dependant on computers. In this post I’ve found 3 medical methods that could help patients as well as people suffering with health issues, but can be resolved by those methods - which are: Advanced Stem Cells, NanoBots and BioPrinting. However not all medical treatments have a 100% success rate and can be expensive - that poor patients cannot afford those, like treating cancer or not having luck on finding a promising transplant that requires a blood relatives’ organ to be sacrificed for better chances against transplant rejection. The intriguing part on those 3 medical methods, that it can be used for rejuvenation, life extension, gender reassignment and aggressive cancer treatments. But the problem is that the brain is a extremely complex organ in your body - that neurologists do not have many promising conclusive evidence to prevent; nor have the treatments for like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Dementia. Those brain diseases are incurable and can only be managed by retirement health care staff. However there has been some breakthroughs on how things may change significantly in the 2020s.

(1) Advanced Stem Cells:-

Stem cells are somatic cells that can be used for revolutionary purposes, like treating leukaemia from extracting the stem cells from the bone marrow. Stem cell can also be extracted in other ways like having a patient’s wisdom tooth that could contain the DNA used for repairing damaged cells elsewhere in the body. Stem cells can be used to treat cancer as well as a wide range of severe medical symptoms or disabilities. Advanced stem cells could be used to repair people who had suffered permanent body damages, like from this video below where this man got stem cells injected to cure damaged brain cells - thanks to the Researchers from Stanford University.

(2) NanoBots:-

Nanobots are microscopic robots used to work into the body by being injected into the bloodstream. Since technology has improved as well as made processors and computer components faster and smaller, that nanobots will be able to cope being built to fit into the human blood. Biotechnologists haven’t quite got to a stage where nanobots are ready for medical purposes, just yet. Nanobots need to be programmed to have the fastest response time by having the AI coding streamlined and optimised for better performance, otherwise a slow response or mistake will cause a vital accident. Nanobots can be used to inflitrate to target a build up of plague in the arteries to reduce excessive blood pressure, but this is only the beginning. Nanobots could be used to target to obliterate bacteria, toxins and viruses, that white blood cells cannot tackle stubborn infections or diseases like HIV. Nanobots can carry a specific remedy for a various treatments to directly destroy lethal microorganisms. In this video below, this will explain more on what Nanobots can be used to achieve it’s possible future medical purposes.

(3) BioPrinting:-

Now most of you are already familiar and know what a 3D Printer is. But what if you can use a 3D Printer to create organs or to rebuild damaged skin and tissue? Well it seems possible, but isn’t quite ready as it has to overcome some flaws and challenges for regenerating synthetic organs or tissues. For a BioPrinter to work, scientists need to have like “Ink-Jet Cartridges” that contain organic substances and materials: such as the patient’s DNA, proteins built with amino acids and minerals for bones and to inject Iron for red blood cells to use Haemoglobin. However BioPrinting need to be operated in a sterile and suitable environment - as proteins and tissues can get contaminated by foreign bodies or can get damaged by high temperatures, that will destroy or Denature proteins. BioPrinting could potentially be used for organ transplant by extracting the DNA from a patient that can make the organ rejection very minimum. BioPrinting can be useful to produce or develop a stronger organ for the heart, kidney, liver or even a fresh layer of skin to replace any scars or burnt flesh. In this final video below, this shows some interesting theories on the possibility of BioPrinters:-

I know most of you aren’t familiar with some medical phrases and I won’t go into too much detail, but those are the possible ways that could help people not have to live their life with those health problems mentioned above. What do you think on those 3 possible medical methods? Would you rather live than survive and get those health problems sorted once and for all? And would it be useful to have a charity sponsorship or financial assistance to afford those life saving treatments. But not all of this will be possible for patients for the next decade, and may not have the luck to have a better life and not suffer in despair and disappointment with the current options they have, that aren’t suited to their convenience. However I guess time will tell and I hope by 2020 onwards we will have less stress and more dignity. Thanks for reading and hope you will have a better and great future for the 2020s!