Well it comes to a few reasonable factors:-

>> Less energy
>> Ergonomics
>> Screen Time
>> As well as popular games like Half-Life series

Now initially [APG] was hosted as a BattleField 2 Clan since 2005 and used the BF2 Ranks for our Forum Rank profiles as well as making the colours look similar to BF2, as well as Half-Life. Over the past decade, more websites had sleeker looks some had excluded the shining shade effect, like Windows 7 and its icons had a radiant shine compared to Windows 8 and 10 with a single shaded Windows Logo in four Blue Squares. But that doesn’t say that Microsoft have made a wise choice on having their default icons and the designs more simpler. Because the problem is having too much blue light shone at your eyes can lead to nasty effects, as well as effecting your health. Now I won’t explain in too much information, but you can find the video below from TechQuickie:-

As you have seen from this video that the blue light can actually block Melatonin from making your mind feel that you are needing beauty sleep. Blue light may have a shorter wavelength, but no shorter than UV-C lights - which is very dangerous for your eyes, even for your skin. So therefore its not just the late night coffee or any fizzy caffeine drinks that will alter your brain fatigue but also the blue light. Which is the main reason why we have our website themed orange and staying away from the blue light from the spectrum. Now you can get those Night Lights app for Windows 10 as well as your phones, but it doesn’t quite make sense why Microsoft have their default themes coloured blue - unless they want their customers to stay focused and enjoy using Skype as well as the Microsoft Store to buy more apps?

Moving onto other factors, having less white light as well using darker themes can reduce a fair amount of glare and energy being consumed from LCD Displays or LED Monitors. Of course we cannot please everyone with our current theme that may seem a bit dull and not too colourful, but for myself it is important for me to get plenty of rest and not get hooked up to my PC too long. Also some of our viewers do have colour blindness that can cause one of more of the primary colours in their eyes to fail to display as well recognise which colour is used. Now we did had a selection of website themes that they prefer, but our site took a lot of effort as well as recoding the HTML and PHP files for any web glitches, as well that most of our guests are using VoIP networks.

Hope this will all make sense of our Orange Gothic like theme, and be sure to get plenty of eye resting breaks!