Now before you read or skip any paragraphs, I am NOT ranking those 6 annoying features in sequence. However I will be opening a poll for you to decide which of those features really bug you a lot. Now just for those who don't understand what those features mean, I'll will explain it in more detail:-

(1) Loot Boxes

Now most MMORPG contains loot boxes that arrive like treasure chests, but the problem is that players need to pay the keys online to unlock them. I don't mind loot boxes that arrive in my inventory, but having too many loot boxes and less free inventory items can tick me off. However its not just those Fantasy RPG games that have those loot boxes, but it can be on most 2010s Action games like CSGO, PAYDAY 2, BF4, TF2 as well as Killing Floor 2. Why do they have loot boxes featured? Well obviously extortionate profit! But honestly we shouldn't have to pay for loot box keys everytime - especially for unlocked items that are in poor condition instead of uncommon mint weapons or hats etc.

(2) Online Only Games

Remember back when the XBox One project was planning to work as a Online Only console? Well thank goodness the XBox fans criticised and begged Microsoft to deny or refuse Online Only games. But I am afraid for most latest games, that is still featured as well as iOS and Android games. Now most of you are aware that the servers we support are obviously Online Only Games, but some of those games like Ghost Recon, BF4 and CoD4 can allow you to play Single Player Missions for practising but doesn't quite match like playing in a server with bots. Back in near 2001 the original Counter-Strike game had a single player CT Training maps, until it was officially removed. However, Turtle Rocks introduced Counter-Strike Condition Zero and its Deleted Scenes Edition near 2003 that contains a Single Player Listenserver missions as well as Solo Missions. But should we just live with using Online Only games for ALL your favourite games? No. Because if you aren't in a Wifi zone when taking a walk in town or in a Wifi Free Bus, the problem is with Public Wifi is the poor security as well when making microtransactions for buying Poke Balls for like Pokemon GO. So no I don't think Online Only Games should be tolerated, depending on the genre and age rating.

(3) Excessive Paid DLCs

Now I've noticed like some games like Super Smash Bros series, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and PAYDAY 2 have so many DLCs but the big question is why do we have to pay for those DLCs? Well the answer is profit and paying the royalty fee. You see some or most DLCs contained copyrighted and licensed content that must be paid for 3rd party companies that legally own and patented them. But the problem is that having so many DLCs being paid or not having those DLCs provided free can be a pain in the neck. Should we be forced to buy those DLCs that are required to unlock achievements, maps and much more? Well of course not, but the wise choice is to wait until it is legitimate to do so. But some games like DiRT and some other Original SoundTracks from various games were removed from the Online Market due to licensing and copyright being denied. And some of them had to be resolved by removing those DLCs and games...permanently! Which makes it awkward for players to decide which games and DLCs they want to keep before they become off market...

(4) Boosters

Now I've mentioned already on lootboxes, but when I say boosters, I mean for like for Candy Crush Saga, BattleField Frostbite Engine series and Pokemon GO. I've noticed that King's Candy Crush requires a lot of certain levels to be completed using boosters like Coconut Wheel, Lollipop Hammer, Jellyfish and more. But isn't that really too much for us to force or having us to fork out cash to pay for those boosters? EA features boosters for unlocking weapons as well as Double EXP duration boosts, which can be tempting but when it comes to not being supported or your platoon not cooperating and ditching you when that EXP Booster is active, then that can be very annoying and a waste of money when you are having bad luck!

(5) Prestige Ranking

The part on most ranking based games is Prestige Mode. Say for example in PAYDAY 2 you need to sacrifice your weapons, unlocks and your EXP to gain Infamy Levels 25 Times (Really 25 Times?!) PAYDAY 2 makes the gameplay awkward by having to reset your unlocks, perks weapons and so on - which is like starting back from scratch. Now BattleField doesn't appear to use Prestige nor does CoD 4 PC versions but from CoD:WaW onwards appears to have Prestige Modes but not as many times as PAYDAY 2. But is it really worth having to lose all those unlocks for those awkward Prestige Ranks? Personally I find that annoying and I've noticed some players don't really bother or have the hassle to reset their perks and that back to zero.

(6) Expired or Short Term Master Servers

And last but not least is the Master Servers that are no longer operational or shutdown. Around 2013 Gamespy had announced its shutdown for 2014, that had made a huge impact for servers that were dependant on Gamespy Network, like BattleField 2, MOHAA, Nintendo Wifi Connect as well as Gamespy Arcade and Comrade. But the problem is and why is those Master Servers can be shutdown forever, is due to the expenditures on server maintenance. Sadly not all games last forever and worse it could lead on losing your hard worked Workshop items and Ranks... You can still play BF2 on using BF2Hub, as well as some Gamespy Network Masterserver substitutes, but some other replacement Master Servers depend on donations as well as well trained coders and IT folk who know their way of fixing and keeping the uptime on those servers at its maximum. And most MMO games require a lot of maintenance work to keep their servers secure and running for thousands of players. But if the game companies cannot cover the expenses or don't have enough profit to keep the servers in the loop...then I am afraid it is TRULY game over...forever. Besides who were responsible for storing and tracking stats from BF2 onwards, Crysis and Medal of Honor 2010 Reboot - along with providing Stats Forum/Blog shutdown in 27th of October 2019.

Well those are the most annoying game features and flaws that I find annoying. Question is which of those features do YOU find that makes you mad and cross? Please vote!