An update for TFC is now available:

Fixes and Updates

  • Fixed server crash when a medic heals a spy that was infected by an enemy medic while feigning death
  • Fixed holstered weapon incorrectly showing when using a func_tank
  • Fixed class/map configs sometimes failing to auto-load
  • Added support for civilian class config (named civilian.cfg)


  • Fixed setting monitor refresh rates through -freq when used with -nofbo
  • Fixed unnecessary texture rescaling with NPOT textures
  • Fixed slist command, will now show servers on the local network
  • Fixed progress bar for individual files in resource download always showing at 100%
  • Added auto-saving of several cvars (HL #2237)
  • Fixed missing localizations in spectator UI
  • Reordered columns in server browser to prevent game descriptions from being used to fake server player count
  • Fixed sv_cheats being settable by players in a multiplayer game (sv_cheats is now controlled by the server)
  • Security fixes to console commands
  • Security fixes to resource loading