Well most of you are aware of Linux as well of its popular distros that Linux Mint uses: Debian and Ubuntu. However recently Canonical had announced its plans to drop 32-bit aka i386 support for Ubuntu in the future - which caused a negative reaction from Linux users who are relying and dependant on i386 libraries and support. Even SteamCMD as well as older Linux games and servers rely on i386. Debian doesn't appear to have any plans of dropping i386 support. In fact Debian supports over 8 architectures, despite that they have unofficial support for the older Motorola 68000 and PowerPC that were used for 16-bit computers and that PowerPC are backwards compatible with m68k, like the Amiga.

But the question is which of those two distros is correct for you? Well Ubuntu is forked from Debian and it is more user-friendly as well comes with nicely designed desktops, but honestly I didn't like the way that Canonical dropped Unity desktop support as well made the desktop a bit awkward with the launcher icons docked to the left as well finding it hard to close those window GUI boxes that stick above to the taskbar. GNOME desktops are nowhere as better - hence why Linux Mint created a Cinnamon desktop. Both the Debian and Ubuntu editions in Linux Mint support Cinnamon as well as MATE and the lightweight XFCE Desktop.

Linux Mint Debian Edition or LMDE does have several benefits, i386 legacy support, faster responses as well still uses the .deb packages as well have the same terminal commands like apt "$ sudo apt upgrade" which doesn't apply to Distros like CentOS or Arch Linux. But Debian requires greater Linux knowledge and experience as not all Linux apps or softwares have all the packages from the Apt Software Manager for Debian, as you would need to add repos and using Nano to edit the url for the packages and sources in "/etc/apt/sources.list" but it is important to know which Debian version you are using and using the Sid Unstable .deb packages aren't recommended.

So here is the simple question, which Linux Distro is better?