\n\n What makes you a good gamer?

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  1. Post What makes you a good gamer? 
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    Well some of you aren't aware on how to enjoy and gain reputation on playing multiplayer games as well having dignity. I've experienced and realised why and what happens when you like to prove what a tough hardcore gamer is all about. But the thing is having a lot of top notch ranks, scores as well as buying all those fancy expensive ultra powered GFX SLI cards, fancy RGB rig lighting, headsets and showing off your ranks globally to make your friends envious or jealous - doesn't QUITE really make you a better gamer. Also I've noticed quite a lot of overhyped and overrated games that are filled with lootboxes but appears to tempt players to fork out money as well having too many microtransactions seems so risky as well as that those giant gaming companies, like Epic, Activision, EA, UbiSoft as well as MMORPG games are being very extortionate on how they generate too many income.

    Personally, I find that sharing or trading inventory items as well as help unlock achievements as well keeping the gameplay well regulated makes you a better gamer as well as cooperating in your BattleField Platoon or 4-Player Coop like L4D2, PD2 as well as 6-Player Coop KF2, don't you agree? I mean would you choose to use your money as well as too much of your quality time to get the best High Scores or reach as many Levels as possible for like BF5 or for the upcoming CoD:MW 2019; over your friends and family who offer you trades or invite you to a cooperate matchmaker game like KF2? Besides your personal life and family is really more important than gaming, that is for sure. As for myself I mostly help on trading, unlocking achievements as well as help server admins outside [APG] who require us to host a server - most important to me as well as having a job and my family with me.
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