Hello in this topic I am going to discuss on my top five board games that I have ever played. Now before I reveal them, I will be showing you the designs, editions and maybe which year those particular editions first came out. Also I was disappointed on how Hasbro and Mattel had took over some key brands and had been absorbed, as those latest board games and toys today aren’t as good as it was. So yes I admit that board games and toys have improved with Bluetooth and Smartphone app support. But I won’t be mentioning toys like Lego nor Tomy’s Big Big Loader as those are NOT really board games as that isn’t the topic for now. So let’s start of with number 5:-

#5 Payday (Waddington's UK, 1994)

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Now this kinda like Monopoly and Game Of Life but kind of combined. In this game you need to go forward across this Month board 3 times to win as much money as you can. But the only things you need to watch and would encounter is Bills, Invoices and more. I was happy when I got that game when I was 11 and it was pretty fun. But for those newer editions when the 21st Century arrived…those were not as good as the original in my personal opinion. Yes OK, the designs are more sleeker and good but it cannot replace or continue my childhood memories of the original one that I had played.

#4 Cluedo (Waddington's UK, 1995)

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This game is also known as Clue for Americans. This design looks a bit more modern to the 1980s version. Although this game can be scary as it is a Murder Mystery game, but at least it doesn’t contain blood or gore. I’m pretty sure you know the rules as it’s all about playing as one of the characters or go undercover as one of the characters - which ever you want to play it - but you will be given cards to keep. But only 3 of the cards that contains the suspect, weapon and which room the murder took place will be placed inside a envelope until the game ends.

#3 Frustration (MB, 1986)

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This game was purely down to luck, and I was happy when my luck turned up for when I won and had some lucky 6s popping up from the dome. What is so good about this game you don’t need to worry about losing the dice as it is safely stored in the dome. But be sure not to look the 4 coloured counters as those can be easily lost. Cos that what I was told when I was very young.

#2 Scrabble (Spears Games, 1988)

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Now this game was tricky for my child brain as I needed to use my dictionary but course that isn’t really allowed until that particular word I’ve placed in the board actually exists. However Scrabble comes in various editions like Junior Scrabble, Upwords Scrabble, Super Scrabble and Deluxe Scrabble. Junior Scrabble was OK as it was easier for me when I was an infant. But today will be the 1988 Original Edition. Now I’ve also played Upwords which is kinda like Deluxe Scrabble with the turntable but can add letters on top of the existing words. However, I’ve never owned Super Scrabble and Deluxe Scrabble. Super Scrabble contains a wider board for adding more letters to the grid and more letters. But for Deluxe Scrabble isn’t really much of the improvement to the Original. So my best choice is the 1988 Original.

Before I get to my “Numero Uno” favourite, here are my honourable mentions:-

Blockbusters (Waddington's UK, 1986)

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Mouse Trap (MB, 1993)

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Screwball Scramble (Tomy, 1980s)

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Countdown (Spears Games, 1993)

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Upstarts, 2000)

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#1 Monopoly (Waddington's UK, 1984)

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Yes, you guessed it! Monopoly is my very favourite. Because Monopoly is very popular that hundreds of variants exists for this game! Most notable variants are Junior Monopoly, Simpsons Monopoly, Star Wars and many more… But in this topic I am going to discuss on this UK 1980s edition. This game had truly inspired me when I was 6 but could not understand the business strategy as well knowing the luck I need in order to compete. Unlike the original version from Parker Bros, this UK Waddington’s edition is based on street names from London. And LOL when we had lost one of the green houses (No not Carbon Dioxide) for Trafalgar Square, we had to use one of those tiny jade ornaments of Nelson’s Column as a green house. Hahaha! Also I wanted to get other editions of Monopoly like Deluxe Monopoly with more tokens in gold and the Dundee City Edition of Monopoly. But I never owned the Deluxe version but at least I got my own City version here!