It’s that time of year once again where things go bump in the night a tad more than usual around these parts. You’ve probably already guessed it, but we are once again sending you into parts unknown...

Codenamed “Netherhold”, this destination won’t be found on any map, except perhaps one of the highways to Hell. With the usual SNAFU across the globe you would think that there wouldn’t be room for any more crazies with ideas of grandeur, and you would be wrong, dead wrong.

Some crazy occult types have built themselves a temple to, well, something, deep underground. An early scan showed evidence of depraved sacrificial rituals that have led to the warping of reality in the local area, which is how it picked up on our radar.

The more disturbed, we mean veteran, mercs will recall these occult types like their secrets. So do be on the lookout for hidden rooms and paths as you navigate these unholy walls. A clandestine shortcut may allow you and your team to escape the fate of being one more sacrifice in this warped space.

Recon (PC Beta) of this area is set to commence late next week if all goes well!

Netherhold is the latest Official Community Map joining the game, created by community level designer Seanchaoz.