Before we tell you where you're heading next, we wanted to update you about what’s changing as you head into the field. Swat Perk specialists, medic weapon aficionado’s, and those who just like armor should pay attention, as what we have to pass along may just help you survive.

SWAT specialists, you’ll be happy to hear that several of your skills are getting tuned up to give you a better choice of potential options. Starting with the Tactical Movement skill, this ability will now allow mercs who choose it to not just move faster, but sprint faster. So shake a leg as you charge into close combat.

Close Combat Training will now feature improved weapon damage from your 9mm and Knife, and will also apply to the bash attacks from all your weapons. So don’t be afraid to get up close and personal, you’ll be the one walking away from this brawl.

Medic’s will find that the Mine Reconstructor has been improved across the board. Increased damage, ammo pool, fire rate and reload time have all been improved. This weapon was found to be under performing so the lab coats have tuned it up and are shipping it back into the field.

Also of note, the hemoclobber has been slightly adjusted. Now you may find it does a bit more hurting over healing, with the heavy attack producing a smaller, more damaging cloud that does less healing. The magazine size has also been slightly reduced.

All mercs should know that a recent firmware update to the Trader Pods will allow armor to be purchased in set 25 part segments. Looking to buy ammo and armor, you no longer have to make the hard choice and can invest in both.

And the last field change merc’s should take note of is the ability to toggle if the 9mm will come up in your weapons rotation via the Quick Swap function. When set to off, the 9mm will be skipped over unless all primary weapons are out of ammo. When set to enabled, it will be cycled in.

As always, we look forward to seeing how these changes play out in the upcoming beta and your feedback once you’ve had a chance to evaluate them yourselves.