We know you are always interested in new tools of the trade, and we have several new upcoming options for your arsenal to share with you today.

Starting with the Horzine Research Groups latest offerings: The Disrupter and the Tommy Boom.

Tired of your grenades being big (and the resulting booms large)? Want to spread around some of that explosive message (to whom it may concern)? Look no further than the Tommy Boom. This modified SMG has been over-engineered to fire explosive ammunition and deliver it as fast as you can keep your finger on the trigger. This tier 2 brings a whole new way to share your love of explosives with all the Zeds headed your way.

Gunslingers, have you ever found that the “Big Ones” are coming right for you and you didn’t have the right option to get out of the situation? Enter the Disrupter. This little darling is designed to send disruptive plasma blasts down range, quickly to keep the crowd at bay, or in a slower firing, more powerful shot, for those “Bigger Ones”.

We know exactly what you're thinking Zerkers (and envious Gunslingers), the Evicerator is too big to carry with you at all times. Well some of the lab coats agreed and have developed a pocket version they are calling the Piranha Pistol. Able to bring the smaller sized ferocity of the spinning blades to carve up your foes, we should note that you can take two if you want. All in all, the Piranha offers everything you love from the Evicerator in a new, bite sized package!

The last addition to your arsenal is what we are calling the Corruptor Carbine for Medics and Sharpshooters. What makes this bolt actioned contraption so special is its secondary ammunition that the lab coats call a “seed”.

A target that has been seeded will explode on their death in a cloud of standard medic gas that heals friendlies and poisons Zeds. But be warned, a seed won’t last forever in the wild, and will degrade over time, so you may need to consider the timing of your shot.

Keep your eyes out, as we’ll be going over your next mission (map) and field improvements (QoL updates) in the coming weeks.

As a reminder: HRG weapons are free for all users, while other weapons can be obtained via the Armory Season Pass or direct individual purchase