New Outbreaks have once again been spotted in the wild, wild... does this say west? Mercs, it seems as if things are taking a turn for both the strange and horrifying if reports are to be believed.

Outbreak Code Name: Abandon All Hope
The last reports we got from the forward scouts that called this one in was to be prepared to run, run and fight. The horde of zeds they found was larger in count than your standard set normally found roaming about, as well as faster, and most of all, enraged.

From the few images that came in, it appears as if more elite Zed variations may also be mixing in. For those mercs that choose to take on this challenge, we are making sure that more ammo has been dropped in. We wish you all the luck in the world, you’re going to need it.

Outbreak Code Name: Wild West London
Yeehaw Mercs, it’s time for a fun diversion from the usual don’t you think? Some of the labcoats have been using their “personal” project time to put Cowboy hats on Zeds via drone delivery, and we’ve had just about enough of that.

To clean up this mess, we agreed to issue you only revolvers, bolt and lever actions, and bows (that way the labcoats agreed not to complain too loudly, also you’ve all been issued your own cowboy hats, and they said something about a Sepia filter...). Prepare to fanfire your way through these monstrosities, and do aim for the head for a small heal. So get out there and meet these Zed’s at high noon.

As always, keep an eye out for future reports as we dive into tools of the trade (weapons), new areas of operation (maps), and Field Improvements (QoL). And be sure to join the conversation about potential upcoming Outbreaks!