First of that the main important tips of this game is gaining revenue and avoiding destorying friendly target or making

the Pirate Base and friendly stations RED raging angry. But personally, having a startup with an Argon Buster M4 Interceptor isn't enough as it takes a LOT of time to regain reputation and profit. If you are new to X-Series games from Egosoft, you best of start with X Beyond The Frontier to get to grips with the basics in the X-Universe. However, the only thing that X-BTF game has that the newer X-Games doesn't have is the SETA Boost Extension, and the Afterburner by pressing the TAB key, but DON'T use the Afterburner if you have NO Shields. The only downside is X-BTF is no star maps or additional important information. But in this game, this may be the game for you to build your empire.

So here is a few secrets: first is the money cheat is the only best cheat you should use if you are totally impatient -
which is reasonable and X3 series as more complex and advanced features which are hard-to-learn at that stage. What you need to do is use a HEX Editor tool in one of the .sav files (best make multiple saves when playing X-Tension!) and locating the HEX code to alter the money. To do this use your Windows Calculator by typing the exact credits you got in your save files and converting the number value into a HEX value. Then you need to open your .sav using the HEX editor to find the exact match, but I cannot guarantee it will work as it is likely you may find the wrong HEX value among other values. But there are other ways you can money cheat at the start of the game by selling your Buster and buying 3 Discoverers which will contain a glitch in Argon Prime Shipyard shop menu.

However, just to be wise I won't reveal or indulge anymore tips that may spoil your game but try using your Search Engine on X-Tension Money Cheat for more help. I've also copied this X-Tension Top Secret Guide link below. Now this info that I made isn't really typed by myself as the person from deserves the credit, but I don't know if that site he originally typed up will remain forever so I copied it into my site in case that guide vanishes permanently.

And one final thing there is a secret Options menu, simply press [Shift + O] ingame and look at the options. Now you can increase the SETA power to 10x if you like but when you are travelling in a TL or M5 ship it is likely you will crash and ruin your reputation and Police License. Remember to save your game mainly every time when you are not on a mission when docking and try to make multiples saves as you progress. DON'T dock at a station when you are STRAFING or you will get that momentum bug when you exit the dock and crash into the tunnel exit.

If you DON'T want to know the Money Cheat and for the Top Secret missions, DON'T click on it unless you are tempted or an inpatient short-tempered person.

One important note: when you are NOT ready for the Perseus Mission, Press [Shift + O] to disable Offer Missions. You will need at least a higher Combat Rank at Admiral or Above, because the enemies being intimidated by your higher rank increases the chance to abandon their ships. DON'T destroy the Paranid M3 Perseus AND let the Blue Arrow get destroyed, otherwise, your mission is irreversibly half completed and the unlockable features will STAY LOCKED...FOREVER!