To opt into this beta on Steam, join the "preview" branch available in the Beta drop-down list. Admins will need to use the following SteamCMD flag:

  • app_update 232130 -beta preview

To opt into this beta on EGS, the Beta will be accessible within KF2 owners’ game libraries as a separate install called “Killing Floor 2 Beta”. Users may need to restart their EGS launcher for the Beta to populate and be accessible to install. Progress for stats and inventory is shared between both versions on EGS so for users switching between Beta and Live be sure to sync your game data to use the latest timestamp to prevent any lost progress from participating in the Beta. The Beta on EGS also includes its own dedicated server within the install for your own personal hosting needs for this version.

Day of the Zed
Welcome boys and girls to the Day of the Zed! Are you prepared to visit Netherhold and unveil all the secrets of this bastion of torture? Discover the hidden passages and maybe you will be able to survive. Speaking of surviving... two new weekly modes that will test the skills of the most veteran mercs, especially Abandon All Hope, our ultimate challenge for those who see Hell on Earth as child’s play. For those who can't handle the heat of AOH, perhaps journeying to the Wild West London will sate your inner Cowboy spirit. Only Gunslingers and Sharpshooters may apply. Finally, the Horzine devs have some offerings that may help you with these challenges, two new HRG weapons ready and loaded, the electrifying HRG Disruptor and the explosive HRG Tommy Boom.
Beta 2 Start 9/21/2021, Beta 2 End on the final release.

Addressed Community Feedback
As mentioned in the 2020 Killing Floor 2 ‘State of the Game’ our goal is to bring to the community a continued stream of QOL changes for each update throughout the year. Please continue to report any QOL changes you believe should be added to the game by submitting your feedback in the ‘general’ section on our official forums at:


  • Weapons
    • Piranha Pistol (single)
      • Ammo pool reduced from 72 to 66
      • Block damage mitigation reduced from 40% to 30%
      • Parry damage mitigation reduced from 50% to 40%
      • Ammo price per mag increased from 32 to 38
      • Iron sights offset slightly adjusted to the center of the screen

    • Piranha Pistols (dual)
      • Ammo pool reduced from 72 to 66
      • Ammo price per mag increased from 64 to 76

    • Corrupter Carbine
      • Seed explosion damage reduced from 400 to 300
      • Seed gas duration when activating the seed reduced from 5.5 to 5 seconds
      • Seed Healing when impacting on players reduced from 30 to 25

    • HRG Disrupter
      • Hit damage of primary fire mode reduced from 90 to 80
      • Hit damage of alt fire mode reduced from 300 to 120
      • Ammo pool reduced from 135 to 120
      • Ammo price per mag increased from 65 to 70

    • HRG Tommy Boom
      • Hit damage increase from 25 to 30
      • DamageRadius increase from 150 to 200
      • Upgrades damage boost increased from 15% to 20% for each tier
      • Initial SpareMags increased from 1 to 2

    • Mine Reconstructor
      • Healing of mine explosions increased from 4/40 to 5/50

    • Hemoclobber
      • Heavy attack gas explosion healing decreased from 20 to 15

  • Weekly Modes
    • Abandon All Hope
      • Health boost of bosses reduced from 100% to 75%
      • Movement speed boost of bosses increased from 20% to 25%
      • Spawn enraged mechanic removed from all zeds except Quarter Pounds
      • Increased the rate of Quarter Pounds to spawn as Fleshpounds.

Designer Notes :
The Piranha Pistols seems to be in a very good position, both for berserkers and for gunslingers. Even so, it was overperforming on the hands of experienced players. We want to reinforce the retrievable ammo mechanic so we reduced the ammo pool and increased the ammo price for each mag, in order to give more importance to each round. Also, we reduced the damage mitigation of block and parry of the single version, as we understand that makes more sense regarding the weight and cost of that variant.

We are also happy with the current performance of the Corrupter Carbine. Only the seed mechanic seems to shine too much. So we slightly reduce its damage and healing capacity.

The HRG Disrupter in gunslinger hands was overperforming a lot. We implemented a drastic damage reduction to the alt-fire. Even so, the EMP potential remains intact as we think that it's what makes this weapon unique. We also made small adjustments on the primary fire damage, ammo pool and ammo cost.

On the other hand, the HRG Tommy Boom was not performing as well as intended, especially in the latest waves and against big Zeds. We boost the hit damage and explosion radius. The damage bonus of the weapon upgrades was also improved. Finally, the weapon will count with one additional ammo mag as spare ammo when purchasing it.

The Mine Reconstructor performance has substantially improved. Still, we got several requests by Field Medics for boosting its healing capability, so we slightly increased it.

Finally, the Hemoclobber heavy attack healing was tuned down a bit more, as this weapon is still outshining other options, especially in the Berserker perk.

Bug Fixes
Also mentioned in the 2020 Killing Floor 2 ‘State of the Game’ our goal is to bring to the community a continued stream of community-reported bug fixes for each update throughout the year. Please continue to report any bugs you discover by visiting our official forums at: and posting in the ‘PC’ or ‘Console’ sections.

Top Community Issues:

  • “Phantom Players” fix on servers that left players left on servers improperly.


  • Netherhold
    • Fixes to areas where Zeds would not target players.
    • Fixes to collision in multiple locations.
    • Fixes to texturing and z-fighting in multiple locations.
    • Fixes to LODs in various locations.

  • Moonbase:
    • Replaced cast iron sewer covers throughout the map.
    • Addressed ventilation spawn that was missing an opening
    • Weeklies:
    • Wild West London Weekly
    • Fixed issue in which environment music would play over top the Wild West music after player death.
    • Removed non-interactive weapon pickups from Netherhold during this weekly


  • Piranha Pistols
    • Fix to apply correct shared content string.
    • Update to Copper Skin textures.
    • Fixed issue in which weapon wouldn’t fire with alt dual pistol option enabled in gameplay settings.

  • Corrupter Carbine
    • Fix to apply correct shared content string.
    • Weapon no longer has additional spin when dropped.
    • Animation sway added while using iron sights.

  • HRG Disruptor
    • Fix to animation of reload in 3rd person camera causing model stretching.


  • VS
    • Fixed issue in which lingering match length UI settings from Survival would affect VS server matchmaking.

  • Trader Pod
    • Fixed Auto Fill Armor pricing display being inaccurate to true dosh cost.

  • Localization
    • Fixed German localization appearing in Seasonal Objectives text for Chinese Simplified language setting

As always, thank you for your continued support!