Out with the old and in with the new, or at least, that is what some say. As you may know, this time of year approaches quickly and we’ve got new intel to share about changing field conditions and new outbreaks!

Satellites have spotted new outbreaks we believe are heading your way. The lab coats have been analyzing the images and finalized their initial conclusions of what strange new mutations are coming.

The first outbreak looks like it is the big ones, no, the really big ones. The lab is calling this one “Boss Rush”, and all your favorites are coming right after another. The Patriach, Matriach, Hans, King Fleshpound and Abomination are racing to see who can get to you, and probably kill you, first. They appear to be coming one at a time, but we suspect that with each new wave, the following Boss will be even more motivated to kill you!

For the second outbreak, well, the coats keep saying something about a Witch Doctor having gotten their hands on some Zeds and shrunken their heads. It has also been noticed thanks to the sacrifice of a field agent, that those in proximity to this pack seem to pick up the same affliction. We suspect that headshots will be ineffective against this lot, but that lucky sacrifice... the field agent also reported back that several Zeds appear to have new weak points. Keep your shrunken eyes on the lookout.

Those heading out into the field to take on threads both previously afoot and new, we do have some improvements coming down the line that should increase your likelihood of survival!

For mercs who find themselves in the field for what seems like “Endless” amounts of time, they will soon find an option to take a break, and “pause” the action. Mercs working as a team will of course need to vote on this course of action to proceed, and will need all hands to succeed.

Adding on to this, mercs who use a controller will find that aiming around the head will be a bit more forgiving in helping you find your intended target, that being the head and not the chest. So keep those fingers on the triggers and put some rounds down range, now with more effect!

And while details are currently still being worked out, Mercs should also be prepared for slight improvements to the VLAD-1000 Nailgun, and the Make Things Go Boom skill for Survivalist. You may need all the help you can get as recent field reports have suggested the Abomination and Fleshpound are shaking things up a bit in preparation for Winter!

Make sure to stay tuned for details on your next assignment and arsenal additions in the coming days.