What do you get the merc that already has everything? The folks at research and design have been hard at work trying to answer this question. The unanimous answer, more guns!

First off we have a new tier 4 goodie for SWAT, the HRG Stunner. This high powered gun lives up to its name with its 12 gauge solid steel slug rounds and it’s custom flash grenades. The primary fire is perfect for knocking down holiday zeds getting too close. Are the crowds getting to be too much? Switch to the alt-fire grenades for a small explosion that will stun those in your way.

Next up, the perfect gift for any merc that finds themselves with more dosh than they know what to do with, the Doshinegun. Research and development has been watching over the years and has seen you all out there on the field throwing your stacks of dosh around in celebration, panic, and other inexplicable reasons. What if now those stacks of dosh could be loaded up and shot into the faces of anyone or anything you please? Now you can!

The Doshinegun is an off perk, Tier 2 weapon that will solely rely on your reserves of dosh as ammo. Fire your loads of money into zeds, like bricks to do a solid amount of bludgeon damage. Or fire it at your team to give them 25 dosh per shot. We know you’re wondering. As an off perk weapon, the Doshinegun will work with selected passives and skills.

As a reminder: HRG weapons are free for all users, while other weapons can be obtained via the Armory Season Pass or direct individual purchase.